Zebra Technology's new TC8000 mobile intelligent terminal helps expand global logistics to improve warehouse productivity

Beijing, China – March 23, 2016 – Leading logistics service provider and innovator in the Asia Pacific region “Trowsing Global Logistics” recently adopted Zebra Technology (Nasdaq: ZBRA), the latest enterprise-class mobile intelligent terminal The TC8000 achieves a significant increase in production efficiency. This enterprise-class mobile intelligent terminal is a milestone innovation in the field of warehouse technology, which will significantly drive productivity growth and reduce worker fatigue. Based on in-depth research and analysis of human factors, Zebra technology has rethought, designed and planned industrial mobile smart terminals with global users.

TC8000 will be launched in the Chinese market in the second quarter of 2016. The ergonomically designed lightweight TC8000 mobile intelligent terminal relies on its innovative design, so that warehouse workers can reduce the muscle burden by eliminating the need to “align the bar code scan and then tilt the device to view the screen and confirm” as if it were a traditional device. In a few seconds, the amount of time spent on each repetitive action is reduced. One day, each worker can save one hour of work per shift, and based on the current workflow, it can bring about an average growth of 14% for productivity.

The Custom Solutions Business Unit of Topo Global Logistics focuses on specific-use, multi-user storage facilities. It is also one of three companies that have collaborated with Zebra technology worldwide to launch a trial of the rugged TC8000. The trial results prove that in the harsh on-site environment of the Altona Distribution Center, the scanning speed is rapidly improved and the user experience of the employees is correspondingly improved. During the trial, some user samples were also measured and compared for the pick-up performance of the TC8000 and existing equipment, giving employees the opportunity to experience the latest digital technologies in their daily operations.

TC8000 main product features:

The new design of the TC8000 eliminates the need for workers to repeat the "Align Barcode Scan and then tilt the device to view the screen and confirm" action as previously used with a scanner, for faster, more efficient scanning.

Its ergonomic design makes the product more evenly distributed and weighs 33% lighter than traditional mobile data terminals, helping to reduce worker fatigue.

The rugged TC8000 features an Android operating system that is compatible with existing business solutions such as terminal emulation (TE), voice-guided loading (VDP), warehouse management, price auditing, and warehouse receipts.

Zebra's All-touch Terminal EmulaTIon automatically updates the old "green screen" interface to a modern graphics-based touch screen that increases usability and accuracy and reduces training time.

The TC8000 is the first hands-free, close-range, enterprise-class mobile intelligent terminal in the logistics field. Users can place it in the holster of the lumbosacral chin, in the shoulder strap, or on a bracket attached to the vehicle or table to place the item in it. In front, it is convenient to scan.

Gavin Norman, head of business services for custom solutions, said: “Innovation is an important part of building a corporate culture and customer value orientation, so we are excited to work with Zebra technology and participate in the development of TC8000. We hope to be truly Simplify business operations and enhance work experience and productivity across the entire warehouse. The current trial results are very satisfying, and we look forward to continued collaboration and further innovation with Zebra technology in the future."

Wu Jian, general manager of Zebra Technologies Greater China, said: "With its revolutionary design, TC8000 mobile intelligent terminal is the greatest advancement in the field of warehouse technology in the past 20 years. TC8000 will help workers improve efficiency and deliver more accurate information. It is also expected to increase productivity by 14% and ultimately increase business operation profit. It is believed that the launch of TC8000 in China will help enterprises in China's manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics sectors to achieve more efficient operation management and help them respond more forcefully. Market challenge."

Zebra Technology will present the TC8000 to the Chinese market for the first time at the 2016 Logistics Technology Summit held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing from March 24th to 26th, 2016.

About Zebra Technologies

Zebra (NASDAQ: ZBRA) can help companies achieve the goal of making business as smart and connected as the world we live in. Zebra tracking and management solutions enable the transformation of physics to numbers, creating the data flows that businesses need to streamline business processes, gain a more complete view of business information, and improve mobile productivity.

About Tuo Ling Group

The company is a leading logistics service provider in the Asia Pacific region with approximately 1,200 offices in more than 50 countries and approximately 40,000 employees. The vision for 2016 is based on its deep history of connecting people and things for 128 years, providing customers with an unparalleled global supply chain service.

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