You can buy Sony's Final Fantasy 15 version of Walkman

The Verge Chinese Station reported on November 29

After more than 10 years of development work, Final Fantasy 15 is finally on sale. Sony also launched a limited edition of various digital products to celebrate the listing of this highly anticipated super masterpiece.

One of them is the Walkman A Series Final Fantasy 15 released on the Japanese market. This 16GB model is priced at 33,880 yen (approximately RMB 2078). It supports high-precision audio playback and has a pixel style on the back of the product. The final fantasy character presented.

At the same time, the icon of the software section also highlights the theme of Final Fantasy. The difference is obvious from the normal version.

In addition, Sony also brought the final fantasy 15 style of the hearing.on MDR-100A headset and the hear.go SRS-HG1 Bluetooth speaker, the price of the two products were 24,380 yen and 29,380 yen, equivalent to about RMB respectively. It is 1496 yuan and 1802 yuan.

However, for "Sugao" or Final Fantasy fans, these products are currently only available in Sony stores in Japan. (Author: Sam Byford compile: Dahe)

Wonderful video:

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