Why are projectors in private home theaters so important?

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] At present, in the private home theater, the use of projectors has been quite popular, most of the functions of the projector have been tapped by users, but for the friends just getting started, the projector is used. It is still confusing to replace the large-screen color TV to achieve the effect of a private home theater.


In recent years, projectors have moved from conference rooms to homes. Home projectors can be used with a variety of video input devices to magnify film and television images to the nearest level to real things. So using a home projector to create a unique private home theater has a unique charm.


Enthusiasts lead the new choice of audio-visual fashion

With the continuous improvement of people's living conditions, consumption levels and enjoyment of consciousness, the traditional use of TV combined private home theater effects can no longer meet the fans of audio and video playback equipment. So I started to try to create a brand new private home theater effect with the projector. Their own personal theaters have better quality than traditional cinema effects in terms of video and surround sound. This new cinema effect built with a projection unit will combine technology, art, entertainment and rich imagination. In this personalized space, users will be able to truly feel the most advanced technological innovations. The hearing and visual power of the coming.


Cinema effect speeds up the pace of projection unit building new home theater

As we all know, the effect of traditional private home theater is very different from that of theaters or cinemas. The most important factor is the hardware part. For example, in terms of vision, the visual effect of ordinary TV sets is very limited. The theater's audiovisual facilities are much stronger than TV sets, for example, its audio system is more flexible. But if we use a projector to build a private home theater, its advantages may have to surpass the theater. It can bring us high-definition, large-screen enjoyment. Moreover, the theater is subject to objective factors such as more viewers and larger space. Restriction, it is difficult to achieve a realistic effect in the sense of hearing, it is precisely because of the defects in the theater, the home theater built by the projector is more and more popular.


Projector helps achieve private home theater

Using a projector to build your own private home theater, the connection is also very convenient. You can connect the projector first in the following way. First of all, the visual effects of a private home theater must be realized. The projector can be connected to a playback device, such as a computer. For the specific connection method, it will be slightly different depending on the model of each playback device and projector. For details, please refer to the specific instructions for using the projector. Let's set up the sound system again. Just connect the projector to the Blu-ray player, stereo, amplifier or other multimedia audio-visual equipment. More fresh and fun home theater information, please pay attention to home theater network (WeChat: cnhifi) http://, the country's most influential home theater audio player interactive media website.

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