[Trace moisture] impact on the quality of electronic components and boards

The SMD components above MSL2a are exposed to the atmosphere after being unsealed from the dry package. If they are not assembled within a limited time, they will absorb the moisture in the atmosphere and exceed the permissible range. Under this condition, the high temperature generated during welding will penetrate into the SMD. Evaporation of water vapor creates sufficient pressure to swell, lining the packaged plastic from the chip or leadframe, and chip damage and internal cracks that are attached to the leads. In extreme cases, the cracks extend to the surface of the SMD and even cause SMD to swell. And burst, this is the so-called popcorn phenomenon.

In order to prevent this from happening, the SMD components taken out of the dry package must be stored in the ultra-low humidity drying below 10% RH as soon as possible, and immediately stop the absorption of the original parts to atmospheric moisture!
According to the IPC/JEDECJ-STD-033 standard (refer to the data), to prevent the SMD component from absorbing moisture in the air after the dry package is opened, it must be placed below the humidity of less than 10% RH or less than 5% RH. Store in a low humidity drying oven.
However, this is not enough. At the assembly site, the number of times the door is opened frequently because the original is taken in and out. The external moisture will enter at this time, causing the moisture in the box to rise. In order to maintain the humidity inside the box at 10% RH or 5% RH. Below, you must be able to quickly drop the high performance ultra low humidity drying cabinet to ensure your product is maintained.

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