TI's Zigbee solution for home networking

As a long-time facilitator of the ZigBee Alliance, TI is a leading provider of ZigBee solutions. TI offers a complete hardware and software ZigBee compatible platform.

Main characteristics

Complete hardware and software solutions certified by ZigBee Alliance accredited testing organizations, in line with Zigbee's platform

Free IEEE 802.15.4 MAC software and the highest industry-level protocol stack implementation (Z-StackTM)

High-performance radio with excellent compatibility with WLAN, Bluetooth® and other 2.4GHz solutions

Worldwide application support

Development kits and tools

ZigBee application block diagram

Apply Zigbee

Complete ZigBee solution

ZigBee solution

Details: CC2538: A scalable platform for cost-effective low-power 6LoWPAN solutions CC2590: 2.4-GHz RF front-end CC2520: 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee RF transceiver

ZigBee related tools and software

Tools and software

Strong and durable
Aluminum alloy plug, TPE cover

Hidden design

One second stretch, free storage

Ultrasonic welding pressure
Close fitting, firm resistance to fall

Strong and durable
Priority TPE
It's hard to break even if you stretch multiple times

Stretching or shrinking only one end can easily to damage the components and cause jamming

No winding
Stretch when used, shrink when not used

Five lengths
Each pause is a length, suitable for multiple occasions

Both cables are stretched at the same time
Do not stretch unilaterally

Telescopic Data Cable

Data Cable Wiring,Original Data Cable,Computer Transfer Cable,Line Data Charging Cable

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