Three practical ways to share noise reduction in home theater

The tightness of the entire audio-visual room is very important for home theater. If it is not handled well, the sound inside the home theater will affect the normal life and work of family and neighbors, resulting in some unpleasant things. At the same time, if the noise outside the home theater is introduced into the room, it will also let us watch the movie and sing K. Ok, what are the practical ways to reduce noise in your home theater?

We must isolate the spread of sound. First of all, we must think about where it is easier to spread the sound. Of course, there are seams, such as doors and windows, floors and ceilings. Then we will break them one by one.


1, the treatment of doors and windows.

Xiao Bian suggests that you use plywood to make a hollow double-layered door with a cavity, which can be placed in the middle to place some sound-absorbing cotton. In addition, the gaps in the space are sealed with rubber strips, so that it can be cooled down to a good level.

2. Treatment of the ground and walls.

If you are investing heavily in home theater, you can put river stones and sand on the ground, grind 3cm of cement, then lay the floor and place an eight-mm carpet on the floor. If you are just building a home theater in the living room and don't want to make too many modifications, just lay an eight-mm carpet directly.

For the wall, Xiao Bian suggested that everyone should modify the background wall of the home theater, put the original keel on the partition wall, and add the sound insulation cotton in the gap of the keel, so that the sound insulation effect will be better.

3. Treatment of the ceiling.

In fact, it is the same as the treatment of the wall surface, and it is also added to the sound insulation cotton in the gap of the keel.

Well, if you are worrying about the hail, you can try to pick one or two methods to try. If the effect is good, you can try it all. I believe that your family will have a higher quality.

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