Three mainstream video application evaluation there is always a suitable for you

1, China TV

The Huawei TV TV client is a mobile video service provided by Hua Digital Media with rich mobile Internet content. The video footage is clear and bright, no distortion, no mosaic, and low traffic; supports online high-definition playback, daily updates of various hot events, special topics and major sports events at home and abroad, bringing together various kinds of entertainment and entertainment programs; numerous personalized programs , Users are free to choose.

The number of TV video main interface in China is dominated by blue color, using the win8 magnetic stick design style, which is refreshing and simple. The entire interface is divided into two sections: recommended and on-demand. The following sections show the most popular resources.

The on-demand section has made detailed classifications for resources, including movies, TV shows, children, entertainment, sports, and women. Users can enter different sections according to their interests.

The movie personally feels that the number of resources is not large. In the movie classification line, the action alert column is the most film source, and there are only 24 pages, one page movie is 10, so the number of movie resources is better than other videos. The software should be small.

However, although there are few video resources, the quality of the resources of Hua Digital TV is quite outstanding compared to other software. It contains Dolby movies and 3D/4K zones, and the high-definition video resources make the overall experience of viewing more powerful.

The 4K area contains a total of 80 4K high-definition movies, 320 sections in the Dolby area, and 22 3D movies. These high-quality movies are believed to be attractive to many users.

In addition, China TV also specifically classified movies with hundreds of millions of box office tickets so that users can see what movies they want.

There are dark horse theatre sections in the TV drama series, all of which are popular TV series recently released. I also randomly entered the cool dad Qiaomao TV series, video resources are still very clear, and the on-demand speed is also very fast.

The variety column is believed to be a piece of interest to many young friends. The plate contains many popular variety shows, and the basic variety shows are updated in a timely manner.

Comments: The number of TV video features, I think it does not lie in more, but in fine. Although the number is not more than other video resources, but the quality of resources is still very much like the praise, in addition, its interface classification is also done very unique, simple and cool, the screen impact is very strong.

2, CIBN HD video

CIBN HD Video is a web video client product designed and developed for Android big screen users.

Through the human-computer interaction interface specially designed for large screens, it provides users with a comfortable and relaxing video viewing experience.

CIBN HD video has the richest programming resources in the industry. The front end provides a first-class user experience. It fits perfectly in all sizes of large screens, allowing you to easily view CIBN HD video!

CIBN HD video still uses the most popular win8 tile style. The background is also blue-black. The whole interface is divided into TV series, movies, animation, variety show, channel, and my seven sections.

There are still many resources on the TV drama section, including ancient costumes, mainland dramas, American dramas, Korean dramas, and other resources. The resources are all from Youku. There are also comprehensive scores and play times on the video cover for users' reference.

In order to make a comparison, I still entered the TV drama of cool dad Qiao Ma, Youku's resources are still very clear, and the playback speed is also very fast.

There are also many resources on the movie section, and the resource classification is also very detailed, but the update speed of the resources is not very fast. The film source is almost two months ago.

It is worth noting that CIBN also has 4K zones and 3D zones, but 4K movies only contain 6 movies, 3D movies only have 10 videos, and the number is less than the number of Chinese TVs, but it has a lot of 1080P movie resources, and many pages are pulled down. Nothing is pulled in the end. The amount of resources is still very strong.

The education section is one of the characteristics of CIBN high-definition film and television. There are home education, foreign language education, and famous forums on the education section. It is also a good choice to watch the time spent watching TV on learning videos.

Comments: CIBN HD video and video resources are all pushed by Youku. As the leading video sharing website in China, the number of Youku videos is still very rich. We can also see from the number of 1080P movies, movie resources are mostly this software. One of the advantages is that you should be very interested in friends who like watching Youku videos!

3, rabbit video

Rabbit Video is an online video aggregation navigation application for smart set-top boxes and smart TVs. It provides video search recommendation service for high-definition screens, providing users with easy and convenient visual enjoyment of high-definition terminals. The search results are all derived from the public resources of Internet video websites, and Rabbit Video does not make any changes to the contents of the search results.

The rabbit video system still adopts the most practical metro style in the interactive mode. It is divided into recommendations, categories, monographs, rankings, and five sections.

It has 2206 TV dramas, 4698 movies, and anime 2006. As a video aggregation software, video resources are slightly lower than other video aggregation software, but the software runs smoothly on the whole, and the corresponding speed is very fast.

TV dramas include the mainland's new dramas, Anglo-American hits, Korean dramas, etc., and on the cover of the famous movie's clarity, more user-friendly viewing.

It is worthwhile to have an actor section in the TV series. Through the plate, you can see the main characters of the TV series. By clicking on the starring pictures, you can find all the films starring. This feature is still very much liked.

There are cinema selections, special topics, and best-sellers for Chinese in movies. Users can also view the latest movie trailers through the leaderboards to make it easy to watch movies they like.

The monolith is a feature of Rabbit Video. The featured list contains the most popular TV shows, movies, news, etc., so that you can share the latest information as soon as possible, and the popular rabbit lovers section is the featured resource for rabbit video users. , are some of the most popular resources.

Mobile remote control video and synchronous viewing video are the biggest features of the rabbit video. By installing software, the video on the mobile phone can be directly pushed to the TV for viewing.

Comments: Rabbit's biggest feature is to be able to push the video on the phone to play on the TV, for the mobile phone party, this is a new viewing experience, interested friends can download and experience!

to sum up:

Through the evaluation of these three software, I believe that readers can see the advantages and disadvantages of these three products, like friends can search through the Super TV to download and install the experience!

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