This time, Apple TV is not just a TV box.

At the Macworld conference in January 2007, Apple officially announced the first-generation iPhone, and just four months ago, Jobs demonstrated the prototype of Apple TV at the Apple Special Conference in San Francisco.

However, the trajectory of these two products is quite different. In the next few years, the iPhone has redefined the mobile phone and changed the way people live and become the most successful mobile phone in history. However, Apple TV has been obscured for only eight years in the cumulative sales of the iPhone.
iPhone and Apple TV These two products that were born in the same period are almost like the Uchiha brothers in Naruto. Although they are both Uchiha family, but for a long time, in front of a powerful brother Uchiharu, his brother Uchiha. Sasuke has been gloomy.
However, at the just-concluded Apple New Product Launch Conference, Apple TV has been given unprecedented attention. Is Apple TV at least trying to reverse it?
Hardware: It's hard to imagine. Until a few hours ago, Apple's Apple TV was sold with the A5 processor on the iPhone 4s that was released four years ago. It was also the single-core cast version of the A5.
This time, Apple was no longer embarrassed. It directly used Apple TV with the A8 processor on the iPhone 6/6 Plus last year. Although it is not the latest A9, it has been compared to the previous version of the A5. Promote. Even now in the entire ARM processor camp, Apple's A8 processor is still at the top level. Reminiscent of Apple's new generation of iPod touch, which was updated a few weeks ago, also used the A8 processor, it seems that after a year of accumulation, the A8 processor's production capacity is no problem.

The new version of Apple TV is equipped with a newly designed remote controller that has been rumored for a long time. The biggest feature of this remote controller is the addition of a glass touchpad similar to the Macbook's touchpad, which can perform operations such as sliding and clicking. At the same time as the iPhone, the remote control has a built-in gravity sensor and gyroscope. A special entity key is set on the remote control to call out Siri. In addition, the remote control supports Bluetooth 4.0, and even if the remote control is not aligned with Apple TV, the user can control it. The new remote has a built-in battery that can be used for three months on a single charge.
From the hardware specification point of view, Apple can be described as full of sincerity. And it is based on a substantial upgrade of hardware, Apple has completely changed the Apple TV's interaction.
Interaction: Touchpad + Siri
The new Apple TV can be divided into two types of interaction: sliding clicks on the remote control's touchpad and Siri-based speech recognition.
The touchpad on the remote control incorporates the Macbook's Trackpad touchpad and multi-touch on the iPhone, and users can swipe to quickly see the list or adjust the secondary menu, then click on the touchpad to confirm.

Even more impressive is Siri, where users can quickly search for content through Siri, which includes not only local files and iTunes stores, but also third-party video resources such as Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. At the same time, Siri has become more intelligent. In Apple's demo, Siri can search for a set of specific actors in the American drama “Modern Family”. In addition, Siri can also complete the weather, game results and other operations.
Operating System: tvOS

Apple announced a lot of terms at this conference, such as Retina Flash (when taking pictures when the screen is lit as a flash), 3D Touch (formerly rumored as Force Touch), Apple Pencil (embarrassed as Stylus.), and Apple TV. The operating system was named tvOS (feeling like a combination of LeOS for LeTV and Letv UI for LeTV).
tvOS is based on iOS, flat icons and frosted glass effects everywhere, so that tvOS and iOS and OS X maintain a high degree of consistency in design.

The real highlight of tvOS is to support the App Store. Apple has opened a lot of APIs. Third-party developers can develop third-party software on tvOS just like iOS. If multi-touch makes the iPhone have a successful foundation on the hardware, and truly let the iPhone alone, it is the App Store with numerous high-quality third-party apps, and this time, the App Store has an opportunity on Apple TV. Complete the same mission.
Content: winding path or helpless?
Unlike iPhone and iPad, Apple TV is essentially a product that exists for watching content on TV. It is a dream of many users to use an Apple TV to watch cable channels at any time. Unfortunately, at least until now, Apple has not been able to handle the intricacies of the cable broadcast live broadcast.

However, Apple tried to solve the content problem in another way. At the press conference, Apple repeatedly mentioned "The future of TV is apps." Apple tried to tell us in this way that with a feature-rich App, TV There is enough content to read.

At the conference, Apple showed the apps developed by major U.S. video sites for Apple TV and stated that these apps have a better experience with traditional TVs. For many people concerned about the sports broadcast problem, Apple showed a baseball game live broadcast software, in addition to live games can be 60 fps, the software can also achieve real-time viewing statistics, viewing game notifications, playing two games at the same time Features.

By the way, Apple also showed a software GILT that can be purchased on Apple TV. Users can shop on the couch. Apple also taught the user a stance.
Games: The confrontation game host Apple showed two games developed for Apple TV: The first game was the Episode Whale, where players could use multiple remotes for multiplayer games; the second game was called Beat Sports, and players could use the remote control. The device performs somatosensory operations.

However, both of these games are casual games, not traditional game masterpieces. This also reflects the difference between Apple TV and traditional game consoles. Apple TV is more like an extension of the game function on iPhones and iPads. The more elaborate and sophisticated game titles are still handed over to the more powerful and resource-rich PS4 and Xbox. One.
This time, Apple may redefine TV

The new Apple TV is available in two versions, 32GB for $149 and 64GB for $199. Comparing the high price of the iPad Pro and the unabashed 16GB of the new iPhone, the pricing of the new Apple TV is very sincere. Apple TV will be available at the end of October. However, given that Apple TV was not listed in mainland China before, the Bank of China version of Apple TV should still be a long time away.
Thirty-one years ago, the Macintosh redefined the computer. Eight years ago, the iPhone redefined the mobile phone. This time, Apple TV has the potential to redefine our television with excellent hardware, perfect interaction, and the endless App Store. It's just that Apple did not produce an Apple TV this time. Instead, it made a small box called Apple TV.

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