The top ten "weird" things in the lighting industry in Zhongshan Guzhen

Zhongshan Guzhen is a world-famous “China Light Capital”. The lighting industry is the leading industry in the ancient town and the economic pillar of the ancient town. However, in the past 20 years of rapid development of the lighting industry in Guzhen, there have been ten “weird” phenomena.

The first "strange": free money "borrowed" to the shipping department within <br> <br> town lighting industry, collecting money is actually not the manufacturers but the shipping department. Because the manufacturer is worried that the dealer will not pay after receiving the goods; the dealer is worried that the payment will be made, the manufacturer will not ship the product or the quality of the product will not be closed; therefore, the freight department will assume the role of “collecting the payment”. However, after the freight department collects the payment, it is not immediately paid to the manufacturer, but after a period of time, the cheque is issued to the manufacturer one or two months later, then the payment is equal to the loan to the freight department for a period of time. .

The reason is that the integrity of the lighting industry is lacking, so manufacturers and dealers also default to the "borrowing" of the freight department.

The second "strange": "run away door" staged repeated <br> <br> on foot in the town seems nothing new, 2014 frequent foot door event only attracted a town lighting industry most people. " Come again, sigh.

The main reasons for running are: 1There are few funds, can not adapt to the fierce competition environment, and are unwilling to take risks and responsibilities, and leave it. 2 The funds are abundant, but the blind development has led to the collapse of funds, which is out of control. 3 malicious arrears, after the funds of the supplier, the money fled, and after the wind has changed, the place can be re-exited. The most odious and terrible thing is the third, and the conscience entrepreneurs will settle all the debts of workers' wages and suppliers' money before the completion of the business.

The third "strange": underground factories everywhere <br> <br> low barriers to entry lighting, less demanding production environment, and 2,3 individuals can plant opened. Three products can also be sold in large quantities. Even if they are sealed up, they can start work in another place, so the underground factory has been repeatedly banned.

The fourth "strange": the high failure rate <br> <br> people like "cheap" goods, manufacturers is to match up, the market really have not much CCC certified products can really CCC by Standard The products are even rare, and the rate of unqualified sampling is of course high.

The fifth "strange": short product life <br> <br> hand three products flooding the market, businesses seek low-priced products on the other hand, low-quality, short-lived product has become a common phenomenon.

The sixth "strange": lighting fast product replacement fast <br> <br> in the lighting industry, the rate of replacement of lighting products, high-frequency, staggering. The new model introduced by the manufacturer has become old in 3 months, and it is a classic to sell in the market for one year or more. Because of the large competition in the lighting market, new products will soon be imitated, profits will continue to decrease, and new products will bring higher profits. The market demand forces manufacturers to continuously introduce new products.

The seventh "strange": product homogeneity serious plagiarism in vogue <br> <br> real R & D products manufacturers much more to see someone else Which new product will sell imitation (commonly known as "cottage") Even if the manufacturer applied for a patent, but the product update is fast, the cost of rights protection is high, and finally it can't be done.

The eighth "strange": Q group, B2B platform proliferation of advertising messages <br> <br> build QQ group for exchange and cooperation, but now the Q group are full screen ads, and on a variety of B2B platform, more manufacturers It is mad brushing information, the same product appears N times in different titles.

The ninth "strange": Tyrant manufacturers willful promotion Kuangsong House ceremony <br> <br> new conference, the procurement section, Distributor Conference, celebrity endorsements, orders sent to Mercedes-Benz, BMW sent, sending Land Rover every year ......

The tenth "weird": Cheques fly all day "the money for the last month?" "At the end of the month, I received it" but it was a check after 2 months. It is still a problem to be cashed. . .

These phenomena are "weird", and it is difficult for people outside the circle to understand.

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