Skyworth TV G7200 teardown evaluation 64-bit 4K TV trial

Skyworth TV G7200 is a representative of Skyworth's geek series TV. Skyworth TV G7200 is a 64-color 4K smart TV product, which brings surprises to consumers! Skyworth TV G7200 uses original Korean LG Display 4 4K Air screen, the chip uses China's independent intellectual property rights SOC 64-bit chip, equipped with the only TV 64-bit operating system, Geek audio sound quality close to the theater level. At the same time, this new product has GeekMax, GeekBox, GeekPod three content platforms, online to see a very large, see 4K MV, listen to lossless music, play big screen game, everything is complete.

Hearing here, Xiao Bian can not help but excited. What kind of "geek TV" is this? Below, Xiao Bian made use of the most advanced testing instruments in current picture quality, sound effect measurement and intelligent evaluation, and conducted the first in-depth disassembly evaluation of the 55-inch Skyworth GLED Air G7200 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

Skyworth G7200 Appearance and Interface Evaluation

Figure 1 is the Skyworth GLED Air G7200 for this review. From the aspect of appearance, the Skyworth G7200 is very thin, and the three-layer integrated module design closely combines the backlight module with the LCD glass, successfully connecting the 55-inch large-screen TV. The thickness of the fuselage is greatly reduced.

According to measurement, as shown in figure 2, the body thickness of Skyworth G7200 is only 7.9mm, the thickness of ultra-thin mobile phone iPhone6 ​​on the market is 6.9mm, and the thickness of Skyworth GLED Air G7200 is only 1mm more than iPhone6. As shown in Figure 3, the thickness of a large TV is similar to that of a mobile phone in my hand. It is really sour. Figure 4 compares it to a 1 dime denomination coin, which is less than half the diameter of a dime coin.

As shown in Figure 5, the Skyworth G7200 uses a steel backboard combined with stiffeners. The slimmer body also makes the structure more stable. Skyworth G7200 uses ART5 borderless structure design and metal wrapping technology, with the magic moon base, the appearance of simple atmosphere, full of metal texture, as shown in Figure 6.

The G7200's audio equipment is located at the bottom of the TV screen. It has a built-in Geek PA and supports Geek Bass, as shown in Figure 7.

From the perspective of the backplane, the Skyworth G7200 interface is complete, in addition to the conventional interface, the backplane also has an HDMI2.0 interface, a USB3.0 interface, to enhance the transmission speed, as shown in Figure 8.

The G7200's remote control continued its previous shape, with a small, round “eggplant” shape that fits into the hands of the hand and a rotatable button in the middle, making it more responsive than before. In addition, by connecting games to grab, game fans can enjoy game games. As shown in Figure 9,10.

Skyworth G7200 4K picture quality evaluation

First, the objective parameter evaluation

According to Skyworth's official introduction, Skyworth G7200 uses LG Display's original 4-color (white, red, green, and blue) 4K Air panels, adding white pixels, using a cadmium-free color gamut technology, and also adding D-backlight diaphragm BEF double brightness enhancement film. So, what kind of improvements and enhancements will these make?

We have adopted the state-of-the-art testing equipment of the National Digital Audio & Video and Multimedia Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and based on the Ultra High Definition Display Certification Technology Specification issued by CESI (China Electronics Standardization Institute) in 2014, the clarity, repeatability, and brightness High-definition display indicators such as brightness uniformity, horizontal color viewing angle, contrast, and color gamut coverage were evaluated one by one. The following table summarizes the picture quality evaluation of Skyworth GLED TV 55G7200.

Note: According to the ultra-high definition display authentication technical specification promulgated by China Electronics Standardization Institute, definition refers to the clearness of details of television images that can be perceived by the human eye and is represented by television lines.

The maximum display value of the test tool's sharpness and reappearance rate is 2160 and 100, so the two items are excellent.

1, sharpness test

Figure 11 shows a 4K resolution test chart. We can use the visibility of the TV line (horizontal and vertical lines in the figure) of this test chart to obtain the resolution that this TV can display.

As shown in the partial close-up of Fig. 11 in Fig. 11, among the six TV lines in the figure, the upper two squares are used to test the 4K resolution. In the test, we can clearly identify the horizontal TV of this part. Line and vertical TV lines, which shows that the G7200 resolution achieves a 4K display. Figure 13 shows the resolution of the human face with different skin colors. From this figure, we can clearly identify the details of the four faces, indicating that the resolution of the G7200 is different when rendering images of different colors. Can achieve 4K display.

The test result shows that the definition of Skyworth G7200 screen achieves a 4K display effect of 3840×2160, and the display effect is superior.

2. Gamut coverage test

The color gamut coverage rate determines the ability of product color rendering. The higher the color gamut coverage, the richer the color performance effect. In this test session, we first test the color coordinates of the G7200 red, green, and blue primary colors, and then find the color gamut coverage based on the test results and plot the color gamut.

3, the viewing angle (chromaticity perspective, brightness perspective) test

This section we test the perspective of the Skyworth G7200. The viewable angle includes the chromaticity angle and the luminance angle of view, and refers to a range of viewing angles from which the screen content is observed from different angles without significant change in color or brightness. The larger the chromaticity (brightness) viewing angle, the larger the viewing angle range that the TV picture color (brightness) does not fall below the normal level.

In general, we only test the horizontal viewing angle and the luminance viewing angle when performing the viewing angle test. The test found that the (horizontal) chromaticity angle of view of the G7200 reached 178 degrees, approaching the limit of the test equipment, which was an excellent level; and the (horizontal) brightness angle of view was 96 degrees, showing excellent performance.

4, contrast, brightness, brightness uniformity test

In this session we tested the brightness and darkness contrast, screen brightness, and brightness uniformity of the Skyworth G7200.

Contrast refers to the different brightness levels between the lightest and darkest blacks in the bright and dark areas of an image. The effect of contrast on visual effects is critical. Generally speaking, the greater the contrast, the clearer and more eye-catching the image, the richer the sense of hierarchy; and the small contrast, it will make the entire screen gray. High contrast is very helpful for image clarity, detail performance, and grayscale performance.

We test the contrast by Figure 15. In general, an ordinary contrast ratio of 120:1 can easily display vivid, rich colors, and the specification requirements for 4K TVs are up to 200:1. When the contrast ratio reaches 300:1, various grayscale levels can be supported. Information presentation. The test results show that the Skyworth G7200 excels in contrast, reaching 341.1:1, clearly displaying the image clearly and vividly.

This test results show that Skyworth G7200 excellent performance in brightness, contrast. Xiao Bian thinks that this is related to Skyworth's G7200 using LG Display's original 4-color (white, red, green, and blue) 4K Air panels, which incorporate white pixels on the original three primary colors, making The contrast and brightness of the screen have improved significantly. In addition, the Skyworth G7200's new D-BEF double brightness enhancement film also enhances the overall brightness, making the picture more prominent.

In order to find out, we used a special instrument to enlarge the pixels of the G7200 screen, as shown in Figure 16. From this figure we can clearly see that each pixel consists of four pixels: white, red, green, and blue. 4 color 4K Air screen really is not blowing!

Second, the quality of subjective evaluation

After the above objective parameters test, I believe we have a good grasp of the parameters of the Skyworth G7200 picture quality, below, we play a more intuitive understanding of the G7200 picture quality by playing 4K pictures.

FIG. 18 is an enlarged view of the umbrella portion of FIG. 17 , and we can see that after zooming in, the details of the umbrella are still clearly identifiable, and red, orange, yellow, and other different colors appear to be very effective.

Fig. 20 is an enlarged view of the grass on the front of the picture of Fig. 19, and it can be seen that the light-irradiated part of the grass is clearly contrasted with the dark part, and the brightness of the bright part is very high, which is consistent with the objective parameters just tested.

Skyworth G7200 sound quality evaluation

In terms of sound quality, although the Skyworth G7200 is not as bright as the G9200 equipped with the JBL Warcraft Bluetooth stereo, it is still very good. Skyworth G7200 has built-in Geek audio tyrants, supports dual decoding of DTS and DOLBY to create a professional HIFI quality, and can also be adapted to Geek Bass passive bass sound. Can Geek Audio of Skyworth G7200 extend the glory of G9200? The China Electronics News Test Studio has also added a sound quality test program to test the "acoustic frequency response" and "total harmonic distortion" of Skyworth G7200. .

The audio test was conducted in the professional environment of the national anechoic room of the National Digital Audio & Video and Multimedia Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Figure 21). The measurement microphone was placed 2m in front of the TV, perpendicular to the TV plane, as shown in the figure. The test expert uses a professional audio signal generator to send a signal to the television, and the microphone collects the sound and transmits it back to the audio analyzer for analysis.

1, sound frequency response

Acoustic frequency response (referred to as sound frequency response) refers to the phenomenon that when a constant voltage output audio signal is connected to the system, the sound pressure generated by the speaker increases or decreases with frequency, and the phase changes with frequency. This is a very important parameter indicator, which reflects the relationship between the amplitude of the television sound and the frequency.

According to the test, we obtained the audio frequency response curves of the left and right channels as shown in Figure 22 and Figure 23, respectively. We draw a straight line parallel to the abscissa at a drop of 26 dB in the maximum amplitude of the curve. The frequency range corresponding to the intersection of the high and low ends of the frequency response curve is the range of the acoustic frequency response of this TV. The greater the range of acoustic frequency response, the better the sound quality.

The test results show that the range of acoustic frequency response of Skyworth G7200 is: left channel: 85Hz~20kHz; right channel: 91Hz~20kHz. According to the electronic industry standard SJ/T 11343-2006 general specification of digital TV liquid crystal display, 160 ~ 6300Hz is the normal sound frequency response range, and the vast majority of current 4K TV's sound frequency response range will not exceed 90Hz ~ 15000Hz this range.

It can be seen from comparison that the sound frequency response range of the Skyworth G9200 is much better than the industry standard and exceeds the vast majority of 4K TVs in the market. In the high frequency part, the audio performance of the Skyworth G7200 is particularly excellent, even reaching the limit of the human ear (20 kHz).

2. Total harmonic distortion

In addition to testing the acoustic frequency response, we also tested total harmonic distortion. The smaller the total harmonic distortion value, the clearer the tone and the higher the quality of the product. In general, the total harmonic distortion is less than 1%, the general ear can not be resolved, more than 10% can clearly hear the distortion component. According to the current general specification of the electronic industry standard SJ/T 11343-2006 liquid crystal display, the total harmonic distortion should be less than or equal to 10%.

As shown in Fig. 24 and Fig. 25, the test found that the total harmonic distortion data of Skyworth G7200 is - left channel: less than 6% of the range that the human ear can sense; right channel: the range that the human ear can feel Less than 5% inside.

It can be seen that the total harmonic distortion of the Skyworth G7200 is far below the 10% specified by the industry standard. That is to say, the sound quality of the Skyworth G7200 is relatively pure, accurate, with less noise, and the reduction quality is very high.

Based on the above sound quality test results, the sound effects of the Skyworth G7200 are superb. The Geek sound range is very wide, and the treble shows a good effect. The sound quality is pure and accurate.

Skyworth G7200 smart performance evaluation

Skyworth G7200 is equipped with China's independent intellectual property rights 64-bit TV operating chip SOC64, which is the highest number of chips in the TV industry. 64-bit chip and 64-bit system's wonderful match, can give G7200 what kind of operating experience? In the national digital audio and video products and multimedia product quality supervision and inspection center experts, we have decisively used the disassemble evaluation.

1. Disassemble

As shown in Figure 26, Skyworth G7200 adopts a three-tier integrated module design, and its "nerve center" is located in the lower rear cover. Uncovering the back cover of Skyworth G7200, we finally see the layout inside.

As shown in FIG. 27, the power management unit, the screen driving unit, and the signal image processing unit are sequentially arranged from left to right. The bottom two black square strips are the audio section.

Fig. 28 is the application processing unit of Skyworth G7200. The image processing chip with the black cap below is the 64-bit SOC chip.

In addition, as shown in Figure 29, Skyworth G7200 really uses the Korean original LG Display screen, and friends with original feelings can rest assured.

2. Run points

In this performance evaluation, we used the security Bunny evaluation software to run points. The result of running the Skyworth G7200 was 21,194, as shown in Figure 30.

According to Xiao Bian's experience, the current smart TV running points can reach very little 20,000 points. Compared to most smart TVs currently on the market, the Skyworth G7200 runs very well. This is enough to prove the Skyworth G7200's 64-bit chip SOC64's powerful operating capability.

In addition, we have also seen the specific information of this 64-bit chip through Ann Bunny. As shown in Figure 31, the chip is a HiSilicon 64-bit SOC chip Hi3751V600, which integrates a 4-core ARM 64-bit Cortcox A53 CPU core, a 6-core Mali 450 GPU and 2 core Hi-Vengine VPU cores, and a built-in 16GB EMMC Flash memory. This can be said to be a great improvement compared with the mainstream specifications of the current four-core CPU of the smart TV chip and the mainstream frequency of 1.5GHz.

3, smart and operating fluency evaluation

(1) Turn-on time

In this evaluation, we measured the boot time of the first boot and the boot time after downloading several APPs. The results are all about 18 seconds. (Note: The definition of boot time is from the press of the remote control power button. , time to appear on TV program screen or TV system homepage).

(2) Application loading

As shown in Figure 32, the design of the main interface of the Skyworth G7200 is relatively simple. Each column is classified and suitable for searching. We click to enter the APP of movies, games, etc. After calculation, the response time of the G7200 does not exceed 1S, and the loading speed is very fast.

(3) Search response

As shown in Figure 33, typing “sudu” in the search interface, and quickly searching for popular movie and video content such as “speed and passion” on the right side, the search response time does not exceed 1S, and the search speed is very fast.

(4) TV school

The Skyworth G7200 is not only equipped with a regular remote control, but also can turn a mobile phone into a portable remote control by installing a dedicated APP or watching the WeChat public number on the mobile phone. As shown in Fig. 34, 35, and 36, when the remote control is performed on the mobile phone via the "TV Send" APP or the "Cool Open TV Party" WeChat public number, the operation is very smooth and the response speed is very fast.

The "TV school" supports the exclusive on-demand of the seven major video platforms and can be pushed with one click. Through the "TV school", you can push live TV programs or online video content from your mobile phone to your TV, as shown in Figure 37.

You can also push photos, music, etc. from the phone to the TV screen, as shown in Figures 38 and 39. When you push photos or videos, it feels fluid and there is almost no delay.

Skyworth G7200 Smart Application Review

Skyworth G7200 is equipped with the latest cool open system, UI design is simple and refreshing, floating slider design supports the playback of the video at the same time, the home page menu switching and selection. In terms of smart applications, the Skyworth G7200 is rich in various APPs. In addition to the Geek Box, Geek Max, Geek Pod three core selling points, users can also download and install a large number of applications through the “Cool Application Circle.” The “Cool Application Circle” will be updated in time, and there will be a large number of latest additions every day. Premium applications are recommended to users.

Geek Box

As shown in Figure 40, Geek Box is a full-channel gaming platform on the Skyworth G7200. It contains Geek Hero, Geek, and Geek.

In terms of game control, both the machine gun handle and the cell phone remote control can be used to operate, and a special game mobile phone terminal APP can also be downloaded by scanning the two-dimensional code, such as "chicken virtual handle".

As shown in Figures 41 and 42, Geek Hero (future hero) has a big screen game effect. The game gun is very sensitive and the cursor moves more quickly.

Geek fast hands gather all kinds of TV, handheld and arcade games in one, as shown in Figure 43, 44, it supports PSP, ps, N64, DC, MAME, FBA, FC, SFC, MD and other simulation games. The mobile phone can also be used as a handle to support doubles and multiplayer games, as shown in Figure 45.

2, Geek Max

As shown in Figure 46, Geek Max gathers multiple viewing channels and has powerful content from the backstage of iqiyi. It is divided into three major zones - H.265 zone, 4K clear channel, and Dolby zone.

In the H.265 area, there are a large number of video content encoded using the H.265 standard, as shown in Figure 47. The picture is clear and the effect is very good, as shown in Figure 48.

In the Dolby area, there are a lot of large pieces that use Dolby sound, sound effects are excellent, as shown in Figure 49.

As shown in Figure 50, in the 4K area, all kinds of 4K resolution film sources are very complete, and you don't want to miss the big friends.

3, Geek Pod

Geek Pod can be said to be an important selling point of the G7200. In Geek Pod, there is a wealth of MV resources provided by Rainbow Music, including 4K ultra-clear, MV, concert, special topic, KTV several plates, as shown in Figure 51, 52.

This audio and video on demand application can be said to be currently the most professional TV music video client on the market, with a huge amount of genuine music copyright, there are family karaoke OK, the latest MV premiere, live version of the concert and so on. Figure 53 shows Xu Wei's third pole MV, and Figure 54 shows TWINS' “Everybody Bounces” concert.

Xiao Bian found that, but each click on the MV, it's response time is only about 1S, playback is smooth, there is no Caton.

Original karaoke original karaoke is the biggest feature of Geek Pod content, integrated tens of thousands of KTV popular genuine songs, the latest and hottest MV, can synchronize popular music video works, as shown in Figure 55, 56.

As shown in Figure 57, you can play songs like KTV and enjoy K songs at home!

(4) Cool open application circle

Click on the "cool open application circle" on the interface, we found that there are games, learning education software, shopping software and other applications, as well as a wealth of learning and education software, as well as Suning Tesco TV version, sofa purchase and other life features such as Figure 59.

It is worth mentioning that Suning's TV series is added in the Cool Open application circle, and the experience of large-screen online shopping is indeed different. Xiao Bian use found that the overall is still very smooth, faster product search, the types are more complete, as shown in Figure 60.

After reviewing the Skyworth G7200 disassembler, Xiao Bian finally understood why the product was looted after it was released. In addition to the stunning performance of picture quality and video, the ultra-fast experience of 64-bit chips is also remarkable. Among them, Geek Max, Geek Box, Geek Pod's sour feelings brought about by the three content platforms are the most impressive for Xiao Bian. The evaluation is completed, thanks for watching!

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