Samsung LED and Zhaoguan Lighting signed a brand licensing agreement

On March 1, 2016, Samsung Electronics, the global LED chip leader, and LED bulb expert Zhaoguan Lighting (WELLMAX) signed an agreement in Samsung Group to establish WELLMAX to acquire Samsung LED in general lighting field. The brand authorization of the chip, WELLMAX has officially become the first brand authorized partner of Samsung LED chip in China.

Tang Guoqing, general manager of Samsung Electronics China and Wang Yamin, president of Zhaoguan Lighting, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is one of the world's largest LED chip manufacturers, with the world's first number of patented semiconductor technologies. Tang Guoqing, general manager of Samsung Electronics' LED division in China, said: "Shangguan Lighting (WELLMAX) has achieved great success in the LED lighting industry as a leading brand in the overseas market of China's lighting industry. Its concept of focusing on brand and value is in line with Samsung. Partner's standards, we are very pleased to give Samsung Electronics China's first brand authorized partner to Zhaoguan Lighting (WELLMAX), Samsung Electronics will assist Zhaoguan Lighting (WELLMAX) to expand the global market in terms of products and brands.

Wang Yamin, president of Zhaoguan Lighting (WELLMAX), said: "WELLMAX, a company specializing in indoor lighting, is committed to becoming a global LED bulb expert. In the past 29 years, it has provided high-quality lighting products to more than 200 customers in 58 countries around the world. For 29 years We understand the importance of quality to customer value. This time, WELLMAX became the first brand authorized partner of Samsung Electronics China to further enhance the value and service of WELLMAX for customers and strengthen the global LED ball. The value of the bubble expert."

It is reported that after signing the contract with Samsung LED, WELLMAX LED bulb products will use Samsung LED chips across the board.


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