Redick will hold a legal briefing and estimate that the annual revenue will reach NT$1 billion.

Redick will hold a pre-IPO legal briefing session on this (15th) day. The company's first quarter 2012 revenue of NT$172 million, gross profit margin of 45.5%, net profit after tax of 10.36 million Taiwan dollars, net profit after tax of 0.37 yuan. As customers pull goods to heat up, the second quarter will be better than the first quarter, the company estimates that the annual revenue will be rushed to NT$1 billion, with the opportunity to earn more than half of the share capital.

According to Reddick, secondary optical lenses require design changes as the variety of LED components, product innovations, and LED lighting applications vary. Redtek offers a wide range of optical simulation technologies and self-built light source databases for rapid introduction. Market demand products. In addition, the accuracy requirement of the secondary optical lens mold is +/-0.03mm, and the precision requirement is far higher. The tolerance value of the general plastic machine component is +/-0.1mm. The company has such open touch technology, except for the lift II. In addition to the optical precision of the sub-optical lens and the quality of the product, the speed of the mold opening is fast, in order to cope with the rapid growth and diversified demand of the secondary optical lens market.

At present, Redike has become the secondary optical solution supplier of the mainstream LED component factory in the market, such as: CREE, Seoul, OSRAM, Samsung Led, CITIZEN, LUMILEDS, EDISON, NICHIA, and fully cooperate with the major manufacturers. The time course of the launch of new products in the LED component factory.

G-Lights will provide great help in pool decoration while you have beautiful pool and need decoration lamp for it. Colorful light for the pool outline? Great glaxy star effect for the flooring, for the pool side? Or a complicated but nice dreamlike enviroment when you come to the pool? Just let fiber optic lighting application to fit the requirement.Don't need to worry about the safety and maintenance cost for the pool lighting project, fiber optic just look a cable and totaly insulation and no electric parts in it, unless people break it, it will keep working. Fiber optic lighting make everything easy, just lay the fiber cable on the pool according to the design. Stable quality and long life span time make the pool Lighting Decoration project nice and different.

In a word, just enjoy the fiber optic great effect for the decoration.

Fiber Optic Pool Decoration Light

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