Promoting China's Manufacturing Industry with "Internet Plus"

Promoting China's Manufacturing Industry with "Internet Plus"

China is already a big manufacturing country, but it is not a manufacturing power. It is estimated that the value-added ratio of China's manufacturing industry is only 21.5%, while industrial developed countries are above 35%, the United States, Germany and even more than 40%; China's industrial innovation competitiveness is less than 60% of the United States; a large number of industrial products, China Only earn a meagre processing profit; more than 80% of high-end CNC machine tools, high-end chips, and robots are imported from abroad.

Promoting China's manufacturing industry to achieve a leap from mid- to low-end to mid-to-high end, and achieving the goal of “Made in China 2025” to create a powerful country, the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet is crucial.

Practice has shown that more than half of the technology required by world-class large companies comes from external or external research and development cooperation. Compared with developed countries, the scale of manufacturing enterprises in China is relatively small, and individual companies' R&D investment capabilities are more limited, and it is difficult to independently complete technological breakthroughs and achieve a leap to mid-to-high end. Although China's manufacturing industry has already formed some industrial technology alliances, it has not achieved substantial results in the breakthrough of common technology. The innovation network has not really played a role in corporate R&D.

However, the implementation of the “Internet Plus” strategy will help promote the better construction of our manufacturing industry and the role of the innovation network. Manufacturers should spontaneously integrate the Internet deep into the innovation process, use the Internet as a tool to integrate internal and external, domestic and international R&D resources, share R&D resources, increase the success rate of innovation, accelerate the application of innovation results, and share the risks of innovation investment. Of course, this requires the national industrial innovation policy to make appropriate adjustments, and is committed to promoting innovation network and innovation platform construction, but no longer limited to subsidies for single enterprise innovation activities; national financial R & D funds should also be more invested in key common technology Cooperative research and development to encourage manufacturing companies to conduct technology research and development cooperation based on the Internet.

An important reason for the low value-added rate of China's manufacturing industry lies in the lack of efficiency. If efficiency can be achieved, China's manufacturing industry will accelerate its international competitiveness and move toward the mid-to-high end of the value chain. The unique advantages of the Internet determine that it can play an important role in the process of manufacturing efficiency improvement. The main path for China's manufacturing industry to achieve efficiency improvement through the “Internet Plus” strategy is to achieve smart production, build smart companies, and build smart ecosystems. First of all, manufacturing companies should closely integrate industrial Internet and artificial intelligence technologies in the manufacturing process, use network technologies to realize intelligent control of manufacturing processes, and complete the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing to improve manufacturing quality and manufacturing efficiency. Secondly, Internet technology should be used to enhance the level of corporate management, build smart companies, and improve the management efficiency of manufacturing companies with efficient office systems, rapid market response mechanisms, intelligent inventory management and logistics management. Third, the Internet technology should be closely integrated with the manufacturing industry's eco-environmental construction, and the development of the manufacturing industry organization network, industrial service network, market network, and achievement transformation network should be accelerated to build an intelligent ecology to optimize resource allocation, promote the transformation of achievements, and strengthen the industry. Collaboration improves overall manufacturing industry efficiency.

With the strong support of continuous improvement in manufacturing efficiency, management efficiency, and industrial efficiency, China's manufacturing industry, driven by innovation, will accelerate its jump to the mid-to-high end. To this end, it is necessary to accelerate the R&D and application of industrial Internet, strengthen the Internet infrastructure, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of smart manufacturing, smart companies, and smart ecology.

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