OSRAM: LED headlamps increase the number of new products developed by Audi every year.

At the "Electronica Automotive Conference" held at the "Electronica Automotive Conference" held on the day before the opening of the world's largest exhibition "Electronica 2014" in the electronics industry, Claus Allgeier of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors gave a speech Introduced the development of the car headlights that the company is engaged in.

In the speech, Allgeier first emphasized that the adoption of LED headlights is increasing year by year. "The original luminous efficiency is the main factor driving the adoption of LED headlights, but recently, excellent modeling freedom has become a new driving force." While LED headlamps are widely used, the standard products on the Volkswagen and the products on the premium cars are beginning to polarize.

The high-end car is equipped with LED headlights that can be precisely dimmed according to the external environment. This is accomplished by arranging multiple LEDs in an array that turns these LEDs on or off depending on the external environment.

In 2013, OSRAM realized practical array LEDs, which arranged 15 to 25 LEDs in a row. Products scheduled to be put into use in 2016-2017 will further increase the number of LEDs, and it is planned to arrange 100 LEDs into a two-dimensional matrix (20×5). In fact, OSRAM is working with Audi and Infineon Technologies to develop products with 100 LEDs.

Products that will be put into practical use in 2020 will further increase the number of LEDs. According to reports, this product hopes to achieve a new function, that is, not only for the vehicles such as the opposite vehicle and the vehicle in front, but also for pedestrians to dim.

Not only LEDs, OSRAM is still developing headlights using semiconductor lasers. This headlamp uses a blue semiconductor laser to excite the phosphor to obtain white light, which is now available on the Audi "R8 LMX" and the BMW "i8".

At the Electronica conference, OSRAM exhibited the blue semiconductor laser "PL TB450B" used in laser headlights and laser headlights. The laser has an oscillation wavelength of 450 nm ± 10 nm and an output power of 1.6 W. It is a multi-mode product and is available in a TO56 package.

In addition, there has been a trend to use organic EL lighting in the rear lights. One of the reasons for using organic EL is that a flexible substrate can be used to realize a three-dimensional structure of a lamp.

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