Olympics lead to marketing competitions main portal content battle

Recently, the flames of war at the London Olympics have not yet ignited, and content competitions of major domestic portal websites for the global attention games have already been in full swing. Among them, the most fierce are those who compete for video content.

Video reports are different

The battleground

It is understood that in the coverage of the Olympic Games, all the major portals have invested huge resources in content reporting, and video reports have become a "matchable spot." According to reports, during the Olympic Games Tencent will launch more than one original program, including "Chinese Tea House" is Tencent's original video of the Olympic Games. The sub-section "The Cup of China" is a topical program, from the perspective of sports, economy and culture. The hot topic of the Olympic Games will be discussed by the program. With the help of this Olympics, Phoenix has also started sports-related reports. Among them, Phoenix New Media has created the original program “Six Rings”, hosted by Fenghuang Tai Mingzui Dou Wentao, and has also joined the network’s “Fengfeng Girl”. "Beauty presided over, and increased the "look and talk" user interaction.

In addition to using video to visualize Olympic events, popular social networks are now being integrated into the Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, Sina Weibo will launch several Olympic-themed events. Among them, "combine with the power of Weibo" brought together high popularity. The Sina Weibo Games, which opened in conjunction with the 2012 London Olympics, is a 3D interactive community that integrates viewing, entertainment, and interaction. Netease, which has an advantage in the client side, put forward the reporting strategy of “Olympic Watching NetEase and Sports Attitude”, using the mobile internet information platform based on NetEase’s news client to give play to this Olympic report.

Portal blocked social networking sites blocking ad share

"Advertising revenue brought by Olympic marketing is undoubtedly the 'original force' that major portals have invested in such a large amount of resources for Olympic coverage." Ms. Huang, the head of an advertising agency, believes that the advertisements brought by the Olympic Games have attracted the major portals to “catch food”. “According to data in the industry, the advertising volume of all major portals this year has actually declined. Most of them have not reached the schedule for the beginning of the year. There are also great operating pressures within the portal, which can be expected in 2012. In the big international events, the Olympic Games is undoubtedly the most eye-catching one, so all major portals hope to seize this opportunity and 'improve income for unfavorable advertising revenues'."

People from the industry learned that due to the Olympic Games held in London this year, there are relatively obvious time differences with China. Many advertisers have lowered their advertising expectations for the Olympic Games and the corresponding advertising budget has also declined. This has also led to Olympic marketing cakes. Snatching is more intense.

“As a traditional Internet advertising giant, portals used to be 'flavoured' in 'advertisements' such as the Olympics, but today’s market is very different.” Li Zhengda, who has many years of working experience in portals, believes that portals The days are getting worse. “With the rise of video websites and social networking sites, the interest of Internet users has become more widespread. The advertiser’s launch has also followed the trends of Internet users’ interests. The portal’s “backs” in front of advertisers have not been as hard as ever. Li Zhengda believes that it is inevitable for the portal site to open the "content battle" for the Olympic Games. "As a rare marketing opportunity, the portal will inevitably devote more resources and energy to the Olympics coverage. Competition between content is inevitable."

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