Not just to prove that you are still alive

[Source: "Higher Engineers LED - Research and Review" June issue editor's message]

This editor's message is the most difficult to produce, and it has been written for a few months. Because I always want to write, I am afraid of misleading; once the black and white words are silent promises.

"Zhang Zong, if you must let me participate, then I will try to participate... If you can not participate, don't let me participate. Hey, by the way, ask you something...". Hey, brother, this is not for you to eat, can't say "Old Liu is coming, it will be worse for you, don't worry, just set it." Mr. Zhang really does not know whether it is "you must participate" or not. Mr. Zhang has always thought that it is a okay plan, definitely not a good sale.

"Zhang Zong, huh, huh, why don't you say it earlier? This year's event was fixed at the end of last year. We will definitely study at the high-tech exhibition. We will definitely participate next year." Normally, this buddy has always called me a flying brother. Suddenly called me Zhang.

"This... I don't care, you talk to our marketing department Xiao Liu, okay? I am picking up the passengers now, and I am greeting you, Mr. Zhang." The buddies are Chinese nationals and kicked the ball to the flying brother's thugs. .

"Zhang Zong, the magazine of Gaogong is doing very well. How come the exhibition came, the exhibition is not good. To be honest, the effect of the domestic exhibition is not very good. Everyone, you see me, I see you, nothing new. ......" At the scene of the exhibition, Fei Ge directly went to the stage to face Lao Liu.

"Then I see that the shelf of your exhibition has built two floors, which is bigger than the earth building of my house." Feige has a characteristic that the toughness is not bad. When he was a child, he grew up eating wild vegetables.

"To tell the truth, it is to prove that we are still alive." In a sentence, the extraordinary significance of the exhibition is summarized. It is really not a joke that the peers believe that they have "dead". In fact, the old Liu people are not stupid enough, not only to prove that they are still alive, but also to live better than others, "see my villa."

A small group of friends in the LED industry almost ruined an ideal of Feige. Fortunately, the slogan of high-tech is "different."

The high-tech market research is different. The high-tech series magazines are different. The high-tech awards conference is different. The high-tech boutique mall is different. The high-tech G20 summit is unique... The high-tech exhibition will also be different. Different.

Where is the difference?

After the high-tech LED boutique exhibition in August last year, the team of Gaogong visited the lighting and distribution stores in the north and south of the country, and visited the building decoration company and lighting designer to hold ten lighting design tour forums in various places. Invite these or hidden or obvious channels to the show. The purpose is to let you do the LED lights have the opportunity to seduce the channel dealers to sell, or to show the designer your favorite LED lights.

It is a kind of beauty that makes people's confidence multiply. Is the iPhone & iPad afraid of Chinese people copying it? Feige's favorite words to listen to are to learn from Feige (always working hard, dreaming).

Dealers and designers are now the real buyers. If you have participated in the Frankfurt exhibition, you should know how to show your best. What Feige can do is to create an environment that is comparable to LEDs (Fei Ge prepares plants and flowers for each family), let them sit down and drink red wine beer and slowly taste your explanation (Fei Ge even the cups are ready for you) , be careful not to let them drink high), let them kneel in the mall, office, home scene lighting special zone, experience the impulse of your products, remember your brand (Fei Ge prepared a small pendant for you)... ...

Feige also did some things that the government did not care about or did not care about, and swindled the comrades of the street lamp management unit (the usual relationship is good). Fei Ge took them to see us helping you to arrange the "Wanjia Lights" in the "blocks" and let them understand that the street lights were "cooked."

Feige became a fan of the exhibition, participated in almost all domestic and international exhibitions, saw a good place to attend school, and saw good manufacturers to persuade high-tech exhibitors, saying that Chinese LED people want to see and touch their products, for example, American lighting control system, Japan's heat-dissipating materials, Taiwan's plant LED lighting... Gaogong is striving to make high-tech LED exhibitions into internationally-oriented exhibitions (the only official language of Feige, but from the heart, to act ). Many domestic exhibitions are internationally renowned, but they are foreigners. The senior workers still dare not be international, because we are still working hard.

As the old Liu said, the purpose of the meeting is to prove that he is still alive. However, just as Feige visits you, it is not only to prove that Feige is still alive; but Feige wants to know you, and also to let you know Feige and the team behind it, hope to exchange friends and seek between us. Know things together to know how to provide you with better service. But after meeting, I will go by, the meaning is of course not great, and the service is follow-up and plentiful.

Therefore, Feige is very clear, free to print your products into the procurement supply catalog paper special issue and electronic special issue, updated every other month, all year round to more than 50,000 all familiar and unfamiliar LED related friends, Just the first step. In the second step, we have to restart the "High-Tech Online" search engine to provide day and night service for your products (we all know that Gaogong is a product parameter search engine).

If Fei Ge said that Fei Ge’s exhibition is not for profit, you have to say that Fei Ge is in love. However, Fei Ge actually told me that it was not in the first three sessions. For example, when Flying Brothers magazine was in the same year, I didn’t want the top five books to have advertisements, but the latter must be full and noble. Because the customer wants the brand, what you have to do is the brand.

At the show, you are showing not only products, but also close-range brands. Similarly, the high-tech exhibition is for your brand and is also the brand of Gaogong.

When you shake hands with you in Pazhou on August 17th, whether you are showing off your products or visiting old friends, we are not just to prove that we are still alive!

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