Ningbo middle school students won the gold medal in the Asian Robotics Competition

Recently, at the 6th Asian Robot Championships, which just ended in New Zealand, the Jiangshan Middle School team won the gold medal in the humanoid robot competition. This is the highest award in the province for high school students to win the humanoid robot competition.

The Asian Robotics Championship is a robotic competition organized by the Asian Robotics Federation for primary and secondary school students in Asia Pacific countries or regions. In this competition, 200 teams from China, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries participated. Jiangshan Middle School is recommended to participate in this event by the China Education Society and the China Creation Society.

The humanoid robot, also known as the humanoid robot, is based on the knowledge of the physical and mechanical balance that the students have mastered. The programming software is used to program the joints of the humanoid robot. Through the remote control, the robot can complete the hurdle and drill in the specified time. Obstacles, sideways walking, up and down stairs and robot skiing. The game determines the winner by the amount of time it takes to complete the specified action. The more the action is completed, the less time it takes, and the higher the score.

In this competition, two members of Jiangshan Middle School work together, one is responsible for robot operation, and the other is responsible for timing and planning the robot to complete the task. The two players are calm and calm, and finally they complete the required movements in the least amount of time. Project Gold Award.

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