LIFI instead of WIFI-optical communication is not far away

LIFI instead of WIFI-optical communication is not far away What is optical communication

Optical communication is a communication method that uses light waves as a transmission medium. Light waves and radio waves belong to electromagnetic waves, but the frequency of light waves is higher than the frequency of radio waves, and the wavelength is shorter than the wavelength of radio waves. Therefore, it has the advantages of transmission frequency bandwidth, large communication capacity, and strong immunity to electromagnetic interference. Commonly used optical communications include: atmospheric laser communications, optical fiber communications, blue-green optical communications, and infrared communications.

LIFI instead of WIFI

As long as there is light, you can surf the Internet. This kind of life is not far away from us. To realize this kind of life, we first need to solve the relationship between the Internet and the light. It is confirmed by experts that the LED can apply this part of visible light to the transmission, and the LED has more acute characteristics than ordinary incandescent and fluorescent lamps. The ability to adjust brightness at high speeds has made optical communication possible. Nowadays, experts have begun to develop new technologies and design LED chips for visible light communication. It is believed that LIFI optical communication will be realized in the near future.

Optical Communication Impact on LEDs

The research and development of LED optical communication is a good news for the LED industry with excess capacity. At present, China's LED industry profits are very low, and optical communication will be a new area of ​​LED chips. Although this new technology has certain development risks, as long as it can be realized, it is a new rise for the LED industry.

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