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For the current Led Display is rampant, the LED display industry's potential enormous economic and social benefits, making the world's countries have formulated development plans and support policies to promote the LED display industry and the rapid development of the market. Looking at the first quarter of this year, the government procurement LED display market is tepid. Looking ahead, what will happen to the LED display market?

The first quarter of the government procurement LED display market is tepid. After experiencing explosive market power in the second half of last year, the government procurement LED display market in the first quarter of this year is tepid, not as good as the market performance in the first quarter of last year.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance designated government procurement information release media - "China Financial and Economic News", "China Government Procurement News" and the Chinese government procurement network announced in the first quarter of the open bid for LED display project bids summary and statistics. Statistics show that excluding procurement items with unclear information disclosure and procurement projects that have not been announced in the above media, in the first quarter of 2013, the government procurement LED display market completed procurement of 40.5 million yuan, which was significantly lower than the 52.59 million yuan in the first quarter of last year. Reduced by 23%. Among them, in January of this year, the purchase amount of LED display screens was 11.6 million yuan, which was a big gap from the purchase amount of 21.24 million yuan in January last year, and it shrank nearly half; in February of this year, the purchase amount of LED display screens was 13.02 million yuan, compared with February of last year. The purchase amount of 12.85 million yuan was basically the same; in March of this year, the purchase amount of LED display screen was 15.88 million yuan, which was lower than the purchase amount of 18.5 million yuan last March.

For the first quarter of this year, the amount of LED display purchases shrink, the industry believes that the first quarter of this year, LED display procurement and the second half of last year's hot performance in stark contrast, failed to form a strong market trend, but reflects a certain Low season features. This is not due to the shrinking demand for LED displays, and the market is still in a rising path of development. With the continuous deepening of the national energy-saving emission reduction policy and the advancement of the 12th Five-Year Energy Saving Strategy, the procurement of LED display screens will usher in an outbreak period.

Looking at the purchase of LED displays in the first quarter of this year, despite the fact that the procurement market is not as hot as the same period last year, it has also shown coveted market space and development potential. According to the statistical results, there were nearly 60 items of public bidding for LED display in the first quarter of 2013. From the list of the top ten projects, it can be seen that the winning bids for the top ten items of government procurement LED displays in the first quarter are all over a million yuan. Among them, Fujian Xiapu Grand Theater LED screen and other procurement and installation projects and Fujian Jinfeng Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. LED display procurement projects were ranked first and second in the first quarter LED display procurement projects with 7.4 million yuan and 6.17 million yuan respectively. Bit.

From the point of view of purchasing units, sports venues and performance groups, schools, and hospitals are still the main force in the procurement of LED displays. According to statistics, in the first quarter, the bidding amount for the LED display display of sports venues and performance groups was 11.49 million yuan, accounting for 28% of the total purchase amount of LED display in the first quarter; the purchase amount of LED display for the school was 8.88 million yuan, accounting for the first quarter LED display. 22% of total screen purchases. In addition, the hospital LED display purchase items are also more, but the relatively successful bid is generally small.

In the procurement of LED display screens, full-color is the type with the largest amount of purchases in the project in which the disclosure of information in the bid-winning announcement is clear. In particular, outdoor projects are mostly full-color displays. Excluding items that did not specify the type of display screen, the purchase amount of full-color displays in the first quarter reached 6.57 million yuan. The two-color, monochrome and other types of small purchases.

It is not difficult for Fujian to lead the purchase of LED display in China from the first quarter procurement data. The development of the LED screen procurement market in all regions of the country is extremely unbalanced. In the first quarter of Fujian Province, the purchase amount of 17.04 million yuan took the lead in all regions of the country, leading the purchase of LED displays nationwide with an absolute advantage of 42.1%. From the statistical results, it was found that the reason why Fujian was far away from other provinces in the procurement of LED displays in the first quarter was mainly due to the two major procurement projects in the province in the first quarter. The bid amounts were 7.4 million yuan and 6.17 million yuan respectively, becoming the first quarter. LED display procurement project two standard king.

In the first quarter of LED display purchases, Beijing, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, and Shandong provinces and cities performed well. The purchases were 3.57 million yuan, 3.5 million yuan, 1.86 million yuan, 1.83 million yuan, and 1.69 million yuan respectively. yuan. In other provinces, LED display purchases in the first quarter were relatively small.

Intelligentization and monitoring will become the main development direction of LED displays. Although the current demand for electronic display screens is close to saturation, but with the development of new display screens and breakthroughs in new demand markets and application environments, this will give domestic LED displays. The screen market brings new opportunities. There are opportunities and challenges. With the intensification of competition in the industry, the future display market will continue to maintain the growth trend on the one hand, but on the other hand it will intensify the transformation or elimination of some small and medium-sized LED display manufacturers.

Judging from the current level of competition in the domestic LED electronic display industry, competition in the domestic industry is still in the early stage of product competition. Key indicators of competition are mainly reflected in: price, quality, delivery time, after-sales service and other aspects, LED at this stage Display price has become the main indicator of competition.

In 2012, the price of LED display screens continued to decline, which fell by 15% to 20% year-on-year. The deep reason for the continued decline in the price of LED display screens is that large manufacturers with strength hope to eliminate some small and medium-sized manufacturers through price wars. The consequences of the price war not only led to the collapse of certain small manufacturers due to lack of strength and funds, but also led to the decline in the profitability of large manufacturers, and led to the chaos of the LED display industry.

The LED industry has entered the integration period. Some small and medium-sized enterprises will gradually be eliminated in the next few years. In the integration stage, LED electronic display manufacturers with technical strength and capital strength are expected to borrow the strength of the capital market and their own technology and channel advantages to achieve rapid development. In the next 2-3 years, the industrial concentration of LED electronic displays will also increase rapidly.

In fact, in the next few years, the domestic LED display market is still growing. The main growth space will mainly come from the traditional inkjet, neon, billboard replacement market, as well as high-definition, 3D, intelligent, monitoring market, road traffic and other multi-functional high-end LED electronic display market. As long as the order of the industry is regulated, display manufacturers will increase their level of research and development, enhance their own core competitiveness, and lead the demand market with products, which will surely win a place in the fiercely competitive market.

Product description



1. Flexible and bendable

2. Super thin

3. Supe small weight

4. Easy to assemble, install and maintain

5. Display: shows the small spacing, viewing distance closer; the country star gold and copper support high quality surface mount lamp, horizontal and vertical angle of 130 degrees, light mixing uniformity, color matching degree is high, good consistency, clearer display true, fully meet the needs of outdoor display;


6. Energy consumption: a positive response to the national policy of energy saving by 4.5, switching power supply, power consumption can save 10%;


7. Structure: the bottom shell adopts the reinforcing rib design of quasi construction engineering mechanics, enhance the bearing tensile ability of products and improve the overall smoothness of the mask; the calculation precision with stripe design, greatly reducing the environmental problems due to light reflection on the interference caused by the lamp light, ensure contrast products in a variety of ambient light the degree is the best, the whole screen is more black ink, better contrast, more realistic image color reduction.


8. Circuit: high performance "wig" program for PCB layout design, can effectively control the voltage peak overshoot, the maximum extension of the tube, chips and other components of the life; with power supply, general signal interface, not affected by any geographical and environment control system and other factors, for to be able to easily display various types of connection and installation and operation.


9. Protection: the positive use of special conductive silicone encapsulant, on the back of three spraying paint protection, double waterproof protection, making the product more weatherability, heat faster; the drainage hole of the unique design, reduce the water causes damage to the module module due to defects of steel structure, improve the module of self-protection, further to protect the life of display screen.



10. Use: compared to outdoor full color products, outdoor SMD S series products lighter, for maintenance, assembly, transport and later brought convenient and time-saving.

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