Just dual cameras and VR so simple? Looking at the glory of the V-series in all directions


The appearance and the details of the Glory V8 have already been introduced in the front. Here we mainly analyze the performance, life, screen and VR experience.

Glory V8 as the V series's first mobile phone, it is listed with a glorious high-tech products to come! From the point of view of configuration, it does not lose at any mobile phone with the same price, and it has more sophisticated features in addition to configuration, that is, dual and VR! In addition to representing victory, V should also have the meaning of VR, which comes from its specially designed VR box! Dual cameras and a very professional built-in camera function make the V8 a photo artifact!

First, performance articles

This performance demonstration is mainly carried out by running software and actual experience in two aspects, and see how the glory V8 specific performance! (Said this assessment is a high version of the glory V8, the full range of configurations is not exactly the same, the high version of the performance to be tough!)

Glory V8 Netcom High Edition main parameters introduced:
5.7 inch 2K display;
Unicorn 955 eight nuclear;
B running memory;
64GB body storage space;
Rear dual 12 million camera, front 8 million camera;
3500mAh battery capacity.

For these parameters, the first assessment was performed using security Bunny. Overall, scores of more than 9W have ranked in the top ten in the rankings, showing that the performance is still quite good, and from the use of these days, No matter if you play games or go online, it's very smooth!

Take a closer look at the general assessment of the security Bunny. Basically, apart from the general 3D performance of the game, CPU and other performances are very high! It seems that the glory V8 is not the main game experience!

Ann Bunny also has a stress test, which is to evaluate the stability of various performance parameters such as CPU, battery and temperature under overloaded working conditions. From the graph curve, its performance is still very stable throughout the evaluation process!

Listening to the words and saying that the letter is dark, you can't just listen to one of the words. You also used Lu to do the same evaluation. The scores of performance evaluation, experience evaluation, and HTML5 evaluation are all very high. The inspection machine also proves to be a high version model!

Three assessments of the situation! Basically speaking, the 955 eight-core processor ranks Glory V8 in the top performance rankings and has ranked second; experience rankings are ranked only in 17; HTML5 evaluation, which is the evaluation of Internet browsing performance, ranks Fifth place, performance is still quite outstanding! In general, the results of the two running softwares are roughly the same, which shows that the performance of this phone is still quite outstanding!

The actual performance experience test is conducted through some games. Of course, it is inseparable from the very test of the performance of mobile games - the glory of the king! In general, its game experience is very smooth, there is basically no caton and dropped frames, the picture quality is also very clear!

With such a handy mobile phone, supernatural is not to mention!

In addition to the glory of the king, it was also experienced with the Three Kingdoms Kill. The sound effect was also quite good!

By the way, there is also the most popular royal war of the time. It's been playing for so long. The first time I hit the super magic chest! awesome!

Performance, eight-core processors and 4GB of memory, so that the glory V8 can be competent for most of the use of the scene, the operating speed is still quite good, running points results are quite high!

Second, take pictures

Glory V8 mobile phone, the most characteristic feature is its camera, and dual rear camera, so that the glory V8 can not only take ordinary photos, and even able to take VR panoramic photos!

Here and the glory V8 for photo comparison, using the iphone6s! From the indoor shooting point of view, iphone brightness is significantly higher than the glory V8, the clarity of the two are basically the same!

For the details of the shooting, both can clearly see the texture, but iphone6s obviously warm color, while the glory V8 is relatively cool!

The lotus pond shot in the evening, apparent iphone brightness to be even better!

For longer distances, both can clearly see the outline of the pigeon!

For outdoor shooting close shots, the glory of the V8 shot of the flowers, the picture quality should be more clear, depending on the glory of the V8's special camera settings!

A potted flower is not particularly obvious, and it's about the same!

For the close-up trunk, the glory V8 is obviously overexposed and white is overweight!

Overall, the iphone6s is superior to the V8 in the camera performance, exposure and white balance are very appropriate, but the glory V8 camera has more new features! Here's a glimpse of some of V8's big shots!

The sky that glory V8 shoots is still very beautiful!

Sunshine through the clouds at dusk!

Glory V8 In addition to shooting scenery, shooting portraits is also quite good, it has its own beauty features!

In addition, it also has many creative camera features, such as this kind of light show!

The dual rear camera of the Glory V8 also supports VR panorama photography, which is a picture that can be rotated with the mobile phone. It is very interesting!

He also used the professional camera, professional video and other functional modules of the Glory V8 to take many photos of the group. If there is time later, then a separate listing is displayed! After all, the V8's dual cameras are the highlights of absolute highlights!

Third, VR articles

Glory V8's VR experience is based on its packaging. This design is very good, let the box make full use of it! And believe that people who have used VR glasses, have feelings: VR box and their own mobile phones are not fully supporting, often mobile phone will be fixed in the inside is not fixed, resulting in a greatly reduced viewing experience! And this box, although simple and compact, but because it is designed specifically for the V8, so there is no supporting phenomenon, the use is still quite comfortable! It is the details of the lens and nose pad that need to be improved. The material and thickness of the box also need to be improved accordingly!

To be honest, the effect of the VR panorama movie really made me shocked! You can watch 360 degrees in all directions. There is really a sense of immersion, just as if you were going with the photographer!

Now, some high-quality video resources are not many. Most of them, such as roller coasters and aerial photography, have poorer picture definition, and their shooting results are also not good!

Personal feelings are better shot, or this goddess took you to travel Sanya theme, is indeed a very careful production!

There is such a luxury cruise experience, the feeling is still to see the home page recommended results will be better!

In general, VR box is very creative except packaging design, because it is designed specifically for V8, so the compatibility is very good, the basic mobile phone is fixed inside a solid, do not need to bother to adjust the interpupillary distance and the like It is convenient and practical!

Fourth, screen articles

Glory V8 uses a 2K HD screen, the quality of the picture looks really fine, most impressive to me, or its smooth experience, including page flip and the like, the speed is very fast and smooth, the individual feels basic and The response speed of the Apple system is almost the same!

And the speed of the fingerprint unlocking and other reactions is very fast, and the basic one touch is unlocked immediately!

Personally feel this glory V8 mobile phone, the most attractive interface design is the magazine lock screen, although most mobile phones are now using the magazine lock screen, but in comparison, Glory V8 magazine lock screen is more fresh and beautiful, and It also has a pull-up collection, as well as the ability to view picture information. It is estimated that viewing the picture browsing news will become a trend!

Five, continued sailing articles

The battery of the Glory V8 is quite powerful. Even if you have been playing the King's glory, you can play 4-5 hours! Basically normal use, only one charge a day can be, really is full! Combined with the fast charging function it uses, charging can be done easily, and the era of rushing and playing is coming to an end! The comparison is a new mobile phone. I do not know if the battery can continue to be used after a period of time.

Sixth, use the summary

1, Glory V8 uses Unicorn 955 eight-core processor and 4GB of running memory, not only run sub-data high, the operation is really quite smooth!
2, Glory V8's dual camera, let yourself take VR panoramic photos become a reality, and the phone comes with a camera module, the function is very comprehensive, professional camera, beauty camera, panoramic photos, etc. can easily get!
3, very small box, used as VR glasses, although the structure is simple, but the VR effect is still very obvious!
4, 2K screen makes this phone not only camera performance, but also very clear and detailed view on the phone!
5, battery life is strong, the basic day only need to flush once enough, fast charge speed is also very fast!
6, fingerprint identification is very sensitive, the magazine lock screen fresh and beautiful, the interface switching is smooth, these have made the glory V8 has a more comfortable experience!

Author: single-arm capture Fang La
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