Huawei wants to play over space charging technology but it is glorious to laugh at the end.

Tencent Digital (Shuilan) previously reported that Huawei will launch four curved screen concept mobile phones next month, and even the specific release time has been exposed. Although the official did not express any opinion on this matter, but now some netizens broke the news on Weibo, saying that Huawei's concept machine will support the air-to-air wireless charging function, and wireless charging can be realized without a wireless charging base within a range of ten meters. . However, there are also news that the new concept of this concept will be owned by Glory, the price will not be more expensive than Huawei Mate 9.

Wireless charging across the air

Since Huawei reported that it will launch a concept mobile phone, the details known to the aircraft are limited to Samsung's custom four-curved screen and the use of a large number of sensors to implement some artificial intelligence services. With the legendary release time gradually approaching, some users broke the news on the microblogging said, Huawei's this concept will support the air wireless charging function, in the range of ten meters without wireless charging base can be achieved. And expressed that this step, Huawei has surpassed Samsung.

Currently, QI standard wireless charging mobile phones mostly use magnetic induction charging technology. Therefore, in the charging process, the mobile phone needs to be closely connected with the charging base. However, both Apple and Samsung are embarking on the development of magnetic resonance charging technology to achieve so-called space charging. Therefore, if the netizen’s disclosure of this information is true, it has indeed reached the industry-leading level.

Attributable to Glory

It is worth noting that because of the coolness of this Huawei concept phone, it is bound to have some impact on the latest Huawei Mate 9 sales. However, Huawei seems to have found a solution. According to information disclosed by users @ old explosive technology on Weibo, this concept mobile phone will be owned by Glory, and the price will not be higher than Huawei Mate 9.

In addition, because vivo Xplay6 has already taken the lead in introducing the concept of "four-curved surface" in China, if Huawei's concept mobile phone is called "four-curved screen", it may not be the same as we imagined, and it may be a mobile phone. The protective glass has been subjected to hot bending and grinding on the four sides of "up, down, left, and right," resulting in a better feel. In other words, this glory four-screen concept mobile phone may have the same design concept as vivo Xplay6, and become the glory's first curved screen mobile phone.

Published on December 16

Prior to this, there were friends who posted a Huawei patented design. The main feature was the use of curved glass on the front and a rounded arc on the back, which was symmetrical with the front glass, but the camera did not have a camera, fingerprint recognition sensor , also do not see any buttons. However, if it is a product for sale on the market, then it should be different from the patented design. Cameras and other components that were not available in the past should still appear on mobile phones.

Of course, the above arguments are all rumors and speculations on the Internet. Whether Huawei's concept phone will debut or not will not be more accurate. Fortunately, the specific date on which the opportunity was announced on December 16 has already been announced, so let us wait and see.

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