How to maintain the LCD screen

How to maintain the LCD screen

Now, with the continuous reduction in the price of LCD panels, the price of LCD monitors has plummeted. Major machine manufacturers also introduced different grades of desktop products with LCD monitors. I believe many of my friends have already purchased a favorite machine. The problem of buying home is how to use and maintain it better. Then we talk about how to maintain our LCD monitor. After all, it accounts for a large part of the entire purchase cost!

Before talking about the maintenance of LCD monitors, let's take a look at the working principle of the night view display, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), which is a liquid crystal display. Its core is similar to an organization similar to the "triple board", between two glass substrates. Filled with sports liquid crystal molecules. The signal voltage directly controls the switching state of the thin film crystal, and the transistor is used to control the liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystal molecules have obvious optical anisotropy, and can modulate the light emitted from the backlight tube to realize image display. A complete display consists of many pixels, each of which looks like a switchable transistor. This controls the resolution of the display. If an LCD can achieve a resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA), it means that it has 1024 x 768 pixels for display. After reading these principles, let's talk about how to protect your LCD monitor.

The brightness of the LCD monitor is relatively strong compared to the CRT monitor, and its air humidity is more demanding. If the humidity is kept between 30% and 80%, the LCD monitor can work normally, but if it is indoors If the humidity is higher than 80% (southern area), there may be condensation inside the LCD. This condensation may cause leakage and short circuit in the LCD, and even burn the monitor if it is serious. .

If you find that there is a slight condensation inside the LCD monitor, you do not need to worry about it. Although we do not have professional equipment, we can use some simple methods to deal with it. For example, we can bake the back of the LCD monitor with a desk lamp with low power; or use some desiccant (such as activated carbon) together with the monitor and seal it with a plastic bag.

If the above method still can't completely solve the problem of condensation inside, I suggest that you send it back to the manufacturer's maintenance department for more insurance. Also to remind you that if you choose to bake, remember that you must not use direct sunlight to illuminate the LCD screen as this will cause the LCD screen to age.

When the machine is not used for a long time, the LCD monitor should be turned off. Although the heat of the LCD display has been reduced by a lot compared with the heat of the CRT display, long-term use will also cause the fragile components to age. In general, if the LCD is turned on continuously for more than 24 hours, the internal temperature will rise rapidly, so if you do not use it or turn it off as well. Although long-term use does not necessarily cause the LCD monitor to burn on the spot, its damage is permanent, because the use of too long will cause the crystal to age or burn out. If we use the machine from time to time, we can also turn off the monitor or turn on the screen saver. Because the display mode of the LCD is different from that of the CRT, the screen that is left still for a long time will cause the LCD temperature to rise and the liquid crystal to age.

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