How does the “Intelligent” adversary’s current TV quickly approach the user?

“smart” and “smart”, these conceptual vocabularies have become very common in the current environment, but all new electronic products have been branded with smart names, and products that users find smart have become deeply rooted in people’s minds. Products are absolutely intelligent, so that one step closer to the smart life, do not know "intelligence" is just to use a gimmick to invade the psychology of wanting to buy a little bit, if you let you explain the word "smart", you can accurately Is it correct to express what they want to say? It should not be, because it is only to know the relationship between "smart" and mobile phones.

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart air conditioners, and smart watches that we are currently familiar with are all self-inflicted. We try to define the next one, aiming at the existing technology that has a habit of promoting the use of life and simplifying the use process. Effectiveness refers to the individual's comprehensive ability to reasonably analyze, judge, and purposefully act on objective things and effectively deal with the surrounding environment. In other words, it will save you worry.

Is smart phone control?

Is the current so-called "smart" really improving the quality of life and making many things easier and more effective? Let's look at how "smart" and "smart" products are. In order to catch up with the "smart" ship, the products include so-called smart wristbands, smart watches, smart home control products, and the like. Arming people from head to toe, but not finding much to do with convenience. local. For the room, the living room apparently occupied more living space in the minds of the Chinese people. More family members like to watch TV together, so the intelligent development of TV is not the same problem.

Smart TV chaos

The concept of smart TV has gradually entered the public view since 2010. It is precisely this kind of concept preconceptions that give users more imaginations about intelligence. Whether it is the same as the control in a movie, a ringing finger gets all the holographic projections. The control method has become more brilliant and brings a sense of future. After all, in the promotion of smart TV, there are more manufacturers exaggerating the scenes to render television as a universal collection of entertainment products and functions.

How much intelligence is there in the five years of smart TV development? How can we allow users to accept the concept of smart TV, so that smart TV into millions of households, we know that most current smart TVs use ordinary television built-in smart systems, so that the use of television is no longer a single viewing TV programs, but the mobile phone, PC and other entertainment features under the capsule, but from the system design, it is not perfectly adapted to the TV's operating habits, but the mobile phone system is directly extended to the TV screen after roughing This design is far from the concept of intelligence.

The last generation of VIDAA 2 has opened the awkward situation of smart TV

If such smart TVs are developed, they will no longer be able to continue to satisfy users. At the same time, if such products continue to develop, the prospects for the smart TV market will be bleak. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are launching new ones in the new era of smart intelligence. The design of the wheel, in addition to foreign companies such as the Korean Department of the use of their own intelligent systems, most of China still uses the Android operating system, intelligent systems can only purify the entire smart TV market after re-reform and reshuffle.

The change of intelligent system can completely change the user's prejudice against the chaos of smart TV. The domestic manufacturers' investment in the status quo is relatively large. At present, Hisense has once changed the direction of smart TV and defines the new generation of smart TV. The revolution has brought the traditional system of smart TVs to a simple design, so that it can be easily realized from TV to TV.

Aggregation is the primary feature of VIDAA 3

The new VIDAA 3 system still uses a very simplified design. In addition, it once again stated that VIDAA will become an Internet-based sub-brand of Hisense. In the future, TV products will be developed independently. Therefore, the emergence of VIDAA 3 is a new challenge to the entire TV industry. . The four-piece operation of VIDAA 3 makes it easy for the TV to be simple. It is no longer the same as the previous fully-equipped Android mode. It is not only useless, but also a waste of time. In order to reflect the functions of the smart TV, the use steps are added for no reason.

At the same time, the VIDAA 3 system is equipped with five major polymerization functions, namely, good-looking, fun-filled, poly-useful, poly-home and latest poly-learning. The four-button direct access on the remote control corresponds to the top four of the five major functions, respectively, while poly-learning is the same as the “app” application. Four keys directly to the following switch button allow the TV to switch between major functions and also access live and local content pages.

Four-button direct access and rich resources allow it to have more users

VIDAA 3 allows users to quickly and accurately get to the page they want to go through four-button direct access and switch buttons. However, in order to facilitate the users who are not familiar with handling, the system also has a menu-style homepage, in addition to being able to select a certain function, it is also possible to complete switching between signal sources and various settings of the system.

Hisense VIDAA 3 also has powerful voice features in addition to quick switching control. The smart remote controller is infrared and Bluetooth integrated. When the user uses the television for the first time, Bluetooth pairing is performed, and then intelligent control like voice can be completed. In any interface and state, the user presses and holds a voice button on the remote controller to issue a command to the remote controller, so that various operations can be completed.

VIDAA will meet you with brand new Hisense sub brand

From the birth of Hisense VIDAA 3 system, it can be clearly seen that Hisense is well-prepared for the development of smart TVs and stepping forward step by step, all efforts may inject new brand into China's smart TV industry. Power, from now on, is not to abandon the smart TV's hat, which is also good news for the TV market. As long as one company can make changes in the actual nature, then the light TV development of the entire smart TV will follow.

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