Everlight's consolidated revenue in April reached NT$1.9 billion, a record high in a single month

Yiguang released its first quarter earnings report, with consolidated revenue of 5.024 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), consolidated gross profit margin of 22.49%, net profit after tax of 224 million yuan, EPS 0.53 yuan, billion light confidence in the second and third quarters The order will gradually increase the temperature.

With the LED industry in the second quarter of the peak season, including LED TV, tablet computer backlights, and lighting orders all returned, Yiguang's consolidated revenue in April reached 1.935 billion yuan, a record monthly high, May and June The capacity utilization rate has been maintained at over 80%, and the Q2 revenue is at a record high.

Yiguang Liu Bangyan pointed out that the layout of its own brand on the mainland is under the responsibility of Yiguang Solid-State Lighting, a subsidiary of the mainland-owned brand. Currently, the company is launching a solution to continuously promote its own brand. He stressed that since this part of the business has only begun, it will not affect the operating performance of Everlight.

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