Divine Painting X1 - Friends of Life

In December 2014, you learned about you at the Smart TV Forum. After more than seven months of hardship, on July 24, 2014, you received a long-awaited divine painting. Excited, I can't wait to start the X1 enhanced version of the divine painting.
Through a few days of playing, it is really my friend. My heart is happy!

A film and television buddy

The X1 enhanced version of God painting can bring us a big screen shock.


the film

Second, game friends

Divine X1 Plus is fun to play "Sliced ​​Watermelon" and "Elimination of Stars" every day.

Third, teaching friends

Divine X1 Plus is especially educational for young children. This is really an educational artifact. I installed the "baby bus" series of software and the baby vie for it every day. I also search for some teaching videos in Youkuli for children's teaching. I usually search for myself.

Fourth, Internet, reading, office friends

I installed the mobile phone UC on the X1 enhanced version of God's painting. I can browse the web and watch news on it. Also use WPS to see e-books, office and more.

Although the X1 enhanced version of Divine Painting has various advantages, there are also disadvantages. In times of daylight, the stylus will fail. I saw posts on the forum that used OTG cables to connect to USB. Finally, I was able to enjoy my paintings during the day.

1, first prepare the OTG cable, USB interface mouse, as shown

2, insert the mouse into the OTG, as shown

3, with the magic pen, you can enjoy the gods like night.

The X1 enhanced version of God painting is really an amazing product. It's small, portable and bright. With this, you can move anywhere, like where you look and see where. Its autofocus is more practical and how big it is to think.


-Contact Resistance:≤50mΩ 
-Insulation Resistance:≥100mΩ
-Dielectric Strength:1,500V,
-1min Electronic Life:10,000 cycles
-Operating temperature:T120
-Rating current/voltage:6A 250V AC


â—† Small Compact Size, high reliability
â—† Micro contact gap,High speed operation,High sensitirity,Micro operatizon travel.
â—† Long life & high reliability

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