Dazu Laser plans the fourth subsidiary to list the new three board

In the eyes of many A-share listed companies, the New Third Board has not only existed as a target pool. Since the beginning of this year, the listing of new three boards by listed companies has gradually become a new trend. The reporter was informed at the Essence Securities New Third Board Summit held yesterday that Guoye Xingguang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dazu Laser, is undergoing share reform, and the follow-up plan is listed on the New Third Board. If it is a success, Guoye Xingguang will become the fourth subsidiary of Han's Laser to be listed as a new three board.

According to the data, Guoye Xingguang was established in 2000 with a registered capital of 5,196.9 million yuan, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dazu Laser. Its main products are LED digital color screen, LED digital tube, SMD LED lamp bead, in-line LED lamp bead, LED dot matrix module and controller SMT. The company has two business divisions, SMD/LAMP Business Unit and Dot Matrix Digital Business Department.

Previously, Dagong Laser's three subsidiaries, Yuanheng Optoelectronics, Dazu Guanhua and Dazu Energy, have successively listed the new three boards, and the sponsors are all Essence Securities. At present, Guoye Xingguang is in the process of share reform.

In fact, the case of the Dazu laser splitting subsidiary listing the new three board is not a case. Since the beginning of this year, with the expansion of the market and the introduction of the market maker system, the New Third Board is gradually becoming the focus of the capital market.

Since the beginning of this year, dozens of A-share companies such as Yunnan Copper, Hailiang, Yuntianhua and Luxin Ventures have split their subsidiaries into new three boards. In order to meet the needs of state-owned enterprises' mixed ownership reform and management incentives, two subsidiaries of Yuntianhua, Nuomi Technology and Malong Guohua, have pre-disclosed the application materials on the website of the share transfer system, and another subsidiary, Tianchi Logistics, is undergoing share reform. in. According to the reporter's incomplete statistics, only in November of this year, China Baoan, Xinri Hengli, Zhongchao, Daan Gene and Tianma Jinghua five A-share listed companies are applying for or officially listed on the New Third Board. The listed company's spin-off subsidiary has been approved in the practice of listing on the New Third Board.

In the above case, a group of companies pushed the subsidiary to list the new three boards, all of which were stated as improving the governance structure.

As early as March of this year, Essence Pharmaceuticals announced that its subsidiary, Jiangsu Senyi Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd. has completed the share reform and plans to apply for listing on the New Third Board. Essence Pharmaceuticals said that the listing on the NEEQ will help Jiangsu Senyu to further improve its corporate governance structure, improve its management and management, improve its incentive mechanism and enhance its core competitiveness.

Wal-Mart's nuclear material also clearly stated in the announcement that the company's indirect holding of Shanghai Kete's listing of the new three board will help to further improve the corporate capital structure and promote the standardized development of enterprises.

In addition to improving the governance structure, the spin-off of the listing of the new three boards has become a trend, and it has a lot to do with the financing system of the new three boards. Compared with the refinancing period of more than one year in the A-share market, the financing time for the New Third Board is generally around three months, and the approval procedures are simple and even exempt from approval. In addition, the New Third Board can be publicly priced after all, and the listed company's subsidiaries can obtain fairer pricing on the New Third Board.

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