Cree Introduces Industry's First High Performance Ceramic-Based Medium Power LED

Clarion (Nasdaq: CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, announces the XLamp ® XH LED family, including XLamp ® XH-B LEDs and XLamp ® XH-G LEDs, to redefine the mid-power LED market.

The XLamp ® XH LED Series is the first medium-power ceramic-based LED to deliver uncompromised performance and reliability. The XLamp ® XH LED family differs from today's common medium power plastic packages in that it enables lighting manufacturers to implement a new generation of higher performance, longer life LED lighting solutions without sacrificing cost or performance.

The XLamp ® XH LED Series is optimized for fluorescent lighting applications including grille and panel light, providing high light efficiency, long life and supple light.

Cree XLamp ® XH-B LED Cree XLamp ® XH-G LED

Cree XLamp ® XH-G LEDs deliver excellent light efficiency of up to 170 lm/W at 65 mA, color temperature 5,000 K, color rendering index 80, and temperature 25 °C. At the same time, Cree's ceramic-based XLamp ® XH LED series is designed in the same way as high-power LEDs such as XP and XT, providing excellent L70 life at high temperatures and high currents. In contrast, plastic LEDs have a very short lifetime of L70 at high temperatures and high currents. The Cree XLamp ® XH LED Series escorts lighting manufacturers to help realize the high reliability expectations and promises of their LED lighting applications.

Roger Suen, Director of Supply Chain Management at Light Engine, said: "We are delighted that Cree can provide high quality ceramic based mid-power LEDs optimized for design, which meets the needs of lighting applications under real working conditions. Cree XLamp ® XH LED Series makes us More confidence in lighting products that achieve consistent lumen maintenance and excellent color consistency. These advantages are unmatched by plastic-encapsulated LEDs."

Paul Thieken, Director of Marketing for Cree LED Devices, said: "Overall, lighting solutions using LED-encapsulated LEDs pose a high risk to end users and the industry. The Cree XLamp ® XH LED series provides peace of mind for lighting manufacturers. Help lighting manufacturers achieve better product differentiation in the market."

Both Cree XLamp ® XH-B LEDs and XLamp ® XH-G LEDs are available in the usual 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm package size and achieve a 13% larger beam angle than most plastic mid-power LEDs. With a color temperature of 2,700 K – 7,000 K and a high color rendering index, the Cree XLamp ® XH LED series is sampling now and can be mass-produced on a regular lead time.

Cree will participate in the 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition held in Guangzhou on June 9-12. The Cree booth is located at booth B02 in Hall 4.1.

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