Cree's 350mA high power with a luminous efficiency of 47lm/W...

Editor's note: Cree has introduced a high-output white light-emitting diode (LED) XLamp 7090 with a brightness standard of 57 lm at a drive current of 350 mA, with a luminous efficiency of 47 lm/W, which is specifically designed for lighting applications. The white LED has a color temperature of up to 10,000 K. The data sheet of the product shows that white light is obtained by mixing blue light with a wavelength of about 450 nm and yellow light with a peak wavelength of about 550 nm... The XLamp 7090 also features the thermal resistance reduced to 8 degrees/W; its electrically neutral thermal path allows the use of low cost PCBs; reflowable. As a product for home lighting equipment, Cree has also prepared bulb products with a color temperature of only 2700K to 4500K. The thermal resistance from the junction to the package terminals is only 8 ° C / W, and the current can be used up to 700 mA. Use joint temperatures up to +145 °C. The package area of ​​the LED is 7mm x 9mm.


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