Create a smart home environment, start from the gateway

Smart home is rising rapidly

The country's first largest smart home experience center was officially opened in Chongqing. It is understood that this platform has gathered a number of smart home enterprises and manufacturers, and the citizens are also here to experience the latest smart home products in the world.

Chongqing Home Intelligent Experience Center can be said to be a sign of the rapid development of China's smart home market. Since last year, China's smart home market has entered a period of rapid development. According to the data, in 2012, China's smart home market reached 60 billion yuan. It is expected that the average growth rate will reach 25% from 2014 to 2020. The market size will be 2020. It reached 350 billion yuan.

To be smart, the gateway is the hub

The home gateway is undoubtedly the core of this smart home system. It undertakes the data collection, protocol conversion, communication forwarding, control release and storage configuration functions of the whole system. It will have many relatively independent lighting, household appliances, video intercom and security in the home. Terminal products such as alarms and video surveillance are combined into a unified system for convenient local operation.

The home gateway can also implement remote management of various smart devices in the home network to maintain and control the "smart home" products. This range does not limit users, locations, or even network access methods, as long as access to the network access, you can operate common data.

At present, the domestic home gateway market is still in its infancy. In addition to the price, the technical lack of diversity and relatively weak compatibility, coupled with the limited transmission speed of broadband, will also affect the basic operation of the entire home system. The problem of bandwidth also directly leads to the lag delay of the smart home system when operating instructions. The home gateway also has a great demand for bandwidth transmission. The smart home controller undertakes data collection, protocol conversion, communication forwarding of the entire system. Control release and storage configuration functions. If the bandwidth can not meet the demand, it will limit the function of the gateway and the supporting smart home facilities, and can not provide a good user experience, which is not conducive to the intelligent home control and the popularity of the equipment.

Smart home

FTTH intelligent gateway effectively protects home network quality

How to effectively improve the network speed is of course the key point of smart home. It is understood that 70%-80% of the traffic in the mobile Internet is obtained through Wi-Fi, but the home Wi-Fi has always been a best-effort experience. The quality of its network depends on the terrain, layout, and even the thickness of the wall, so single-point Wi-Fi can no longer guarantee a good experience.

Future home network coverage will be a distributed multi-AP network model, but the premise of this distributed network is that multi-point APs must be able to flexibly expand, plug and play, and support seamless roaming experience. In addition, the security of the home network is also the most concerned issue for users. By using smart antennas, we can achieve directional coverage and obtain enhanced Wi-Fi coverage only in specific areas.

At the heart of the home smarter interconnect is a central coordinator that is similar to the AC functions of public WiFI coverage such as airports and shopping malls. It is responsible for achieving perfect coverage and coordination of the home network. At present, the ordinary home gateway equipment on the market is difficult to do. We need a powerful new platform. The FTTH intelligent gateway can perfectly satisfy the users' use of the network like enjoying the fresh air at home, so as to get better use. Experience.

to sum up

Whether it is a smart gateway or a smart home, the prospects are very broad. I believe that the word "smart" is a development trend regardless of the industry. Perhaps because of the increasing emphasis on home life experience intelligence and technology, the smart home industry has always been the focus of attention. We can all see that while the Internet is growing, the development of smart homes is also on a higher level.

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