"Cloud Song" Next File "Spend One Thousand Bone" Mango TV Network Premiere

This summer's summer holiday season, the "Cyclone Girl" broadcast by Mango TV on the entire network, and the premiere of "Spend One Thousand Bones" on the entire network, blew up ratings and won reputation with "Hyun Youth, Positive Energy," and the audience also looked forward to the follow-up. Followed TV episodes. It is reported that the three dramas of "Great Chinese Songs of Love in the Cloud", "Pretender" and "Mingiao Xiaoxi" are about to be put on the line. By then, these three dramas will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and will be broadcasted by Mango TV. Webcast. At that time, chase fanciers can enjoy the joy of chasing dramas through Mango TV Internet TV for the first time.

Some netizens laughed and said: "This summer, I did not see white paintings, spent thousands of bones, and if white brothers, can not be considered a complete summer." "Spend thousands of bones," "Thirring Girl" ratings, online hit rate is high, It can be seen that Hunan Satellite Television's high-quality theater and Mango TV's full-platform broadcast influence the audience. The “Great Songs of the Han Dynasty”, “Pretender”, and “Miao Ruo Xiaoxi” are the three popular themes of costume, spy warfare, and inspirational. They are the first to be broadcast by the Mango TV Internet. High-quality masterpieces, these TV dramas did not reflect the first heat, the topic of heat all the way leading.
Previously, Hu Ge, who had been frequently appeared in costume dramas, broke through himself in the “pretender” and made his appearance on the screen for the first time. Hu Ge frankly stated that the first time he tried spy play, he enjoyed the process of filming so that everyone could see his other side. The Song of Songs in the Cloud of Great Eastern Han Dynasty is the debut drama of Angelababy's (Yang Ying) TV drama. She plays a game with three different styles of male gods (Lu Yi, Du Yu, and Chen Xiao). The legendary love of the Three Kingdoms of the Han Dynasty changed.
Coincidentally, "Ming Ruo Xiaoxi" is also the screen debut of Tian Wang Yu Kun Ling on the mainland. Kun Ling's interpretation was pure and honest, and it was so simple that Kun Ling himself admitted in the conference VCR: "I played a blank, funny role."
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