CI Lumen Low Power LED Backlight Solution for High Brightness Outdoor Applications

CI Lumen recently introduced a new LED backlight solution for high-brightness displays with a brightness rating of 800 nit (or higher), which is typically used outdoors. It is said that this patented technology can increase the brightness of the display without increasing the power consumption and temperature management requirements of the display.
According to CI Lumen, this unique solution is suitable for displays from 5-19 inches in size and 800 nit to 1,300 nit, from different manufacturers, and consumes very little power. For example, a typical 15-inch display with CI Lumen's LED backlight technology consumes only 24 watts at 1,000 nit – while the power consumption of a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) with the same brightness is Up to 65W.
Source: Electronic Engineering

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