Cadence officially launches HiFi Integrator Studio audio software framework

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· HiFi digital signal processor (HiFi DSP) audio framework uses innovative technology

· More than 175 optimized application packages for customers to choose from

· Hardware and Android Studio development platform for the first time integration

21ic News (Cadence, USA) officially released a new audio software framework - Cadence HiFi Integrator Studio. Cadence HiFi Integrator Studio works with Tensilica HiFi DSP-based system-on-a-chip (SoCs) to help OEMs and application developers further reduce time-to-market. Products released during the same period include the first hardware that can be integrated with the Android Studio development platform. At the 2016 World Mobile Communications Conference held recently, Cadence demonstrated the "OK Google" voice triggering function and the integration of audio playback with Android Studio and Realtek ALC5677.

HiFi Integrator Studio provides developers with a standard, OS-agnostic software framework, a set of connectivity interfaces that enable audio/voice/sensor functions running on HiFi DSPs with advanced applications such as media players or The recorder is connected together. Using this framework, advanced application programmers can use Java/C++ to take advantage of the low power consumption of HiFi DSPs to further accelerate application and eliminate the need for real-time DSP low-level programming.

Currently, HiFi Integrator Studio supports two main use cases, and more support is under development. The first type is HiFi DSP as a system-level chip for the main processor, such as a Bluetooth Headset. The second type is the system, under which the host application processor (AP) offloads audio and/or voice processing tasks to the HiFi DSP processor. Take an example of practical applications: Using HiFi DSP for AP SoC and/or codec chips, ultra-low power, interference-free audio playback, noise suppression, and echo cancellation can be achieved to create a superior voice experience.

The version developed for Android OS covers complete end-to-end applications, from top Java applications to Android Marshmallow-based middleware to offloading to HiFi DSP running code, all in the Android Studio development environment. Integration with Android takes advantage of Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio Tunneling (released), audio processing power consumption can be reduced by up to 14 times, and smartphone audio playback time can be doubled. By integrating the hardware HiFi DSP into Google's Android Studio PC emulator, system developers can separate the audio integration from the bring-up in the Android process, thus completing the development of the audio system software earlier and making full use of the PC's rich debugging. Error correction environment. Versions of Linux and other major operating systems will be released in the future.

Tensilica HiFi DSPs are widely used to implement ultra-low power audio and voice capabilities for mobile devices and have been fully validated in production. In addition, the Tensilica platform has a comprehensive ecosystem of more than 175 proven audio/voice packages for more than 80 partners worldwide. All existing 175+ applications adopt a universal HiFi application programming interface (API) and are fully integrated and plug-and-play through HiFi Integrator Studio. For more information on the Tensilica HiFi DSP family, please visit http://

“HiFi Integrator Studio is designed to create a complete development environment for designers to more easily integrate HiFi DSP-based system-on-chip with mainstream operating systems.” Larry Przywara, Director of Marketing, Cadence Audio/Voice IP, said: “This framework The main operating system and application software can be completely separated to quickly realize the first HiFi SoC integration. At the same time, even with the latest version of AP OS HiFi platform, HiFi Integrator Studio audio framework can make its daily maintenance easier and faster."

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