Britain is not bad money! ç ¸1 billion pounds to build 5G network infrastructure

In the near future, 2 million families and businesses in the UK will soon be ushered in the era of ultra-fast speed. This fall, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond pointed out in the government's budget report that it will allocate 740 million pounds for 5g construction to improve the UK's network infrastructure. Of this, £400 million is planned to install 1GB of high-speed fiber optic networks for UK homes and businesses, using government investment to increase fiber-option construction across the country. This map of the United Kingdom shows the current download speeds across the country. Red indicates faster speed and yellow indicates slower speed.

It can be seen that the infrastructure of big cities such as London and Liverpool is far better than other regions. This is what the British government has to do next: investing a large amount of public funds for network construction.

Not bad money! Britain's £1 billion to build 5G network infrastructure

Not bad money! Britain's £1 billion to build 5G network infrastructure

The name of the project is FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises), which allows fiber-optic networks to enter thousands of households. Users can download massive videos in a few seconds and watch HD programs at home. Currently only 2% of UK households are able to enjoy the benefits of public infrastructure, and the UK has been strengthening the construction of 5G and broadband networks.

Only one piece of fiber can transmit 300 voice messages or 90,000 TV channels. Andrew Ferguson, editor of, said that if you want to achieve this, the length of the fiber will reach 2.3 million kilometers.

In addition, small Internet companies will be supported in the future to build faster broadband through government-provided electronic infrastructure funds to compete with large Internet operators in the UK, such as BT, Sky and Virgin.

Last March, the University of Surrey in the UK had developed a network that could transmit 1 terabytes of data per second, which is equivalent to downloading 30 movies per second, which is 6.5 times faster than the now popular 4g network. Six months later, the University of Surrey established the world's top 5G Innovation Center (5GIC).

Having said that, what kind of benefits can 5g bring to the British people in the future? The following points have been compiled:

A mobile phone or tablet can download a high-definition movie in 5 seconds at 100 times (6 minutes) for 4g networks and 25,000 times (26 hours) for 3G networks.

If the patient has an emergency, the mobile device can notify the ambulance, the police or even the drone the patient's medical record and related information at the first time. Even if the patient has not yet arrived at the hospital, the information is already in place.

The handling of the autopilot system is inconvenient due to network delays, and if there is a high speed network, the safety of autopilot will be greatly improved.

If the factory is equipped with a networked device supported by a fiber-optic network, the system can notify the control center in time before the failure, avoiding unnecessary dangers and losses.

Ultra-high-speed wireless broadband can be applied in many public places such as enterprises, parks, shopping malls, subway stations, and campuses.

New employees can use virtual reality devices for live learning. Especially for some high-precision jobs, the (near) real-time transmission function can be used to synchronize signals and information.

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