[Brand Power·Hongli Optoelectronics] Package Aircraft Carrier Focus on SMD 2835

At present, in the field of small and medium power LED devices, SMD 2835 is favored by the application market due to its advantages of high temperature resistance, high power and miniaturization, and is becoming the ace device.

"In terms of performance, SMD 2835 has been highly competitive after repeated research and market testing by packaging companies." Wang Gaiyang, director of Hongli Optoelectronics , pointed out in a lecture on the Shenzhen station on May 16 .

Hongli Optoelectronics Product Director-- Wang Gaoyang

"At the same time, SMD 2835 is also the industry's 'all-round warrior', which can achieve a perfect layout of 0.1W ~ 2W and 3V ~ 48V; and SMD 2835 is the "shou core" in the packaged device, its life is more than 35,000 hours; Light efficiency can reach 170lm / w, thermal resistance is about 19 ° C / W." Wang Gaoyang mentioned. ,

According to the reporter, Hongli Optoelectronics is the first SMD 2835 device in China to pass the LM-80. At the same time, its SMD 2835 is generally cost-effective, and can be extended according to different positioning customers and market demand. Such as different lumens level, different color temperature and color rendering index, different power and pressure drop range, different light color binning requirements.

"In this year's product planning of Hongli Optoelectronics, 2835 is also the focus of our layout on small and medium power devices, including PPA-PCT-EMC series, power coverage of 0.2-2W, production capacity is expected to reach 1200 KK." Wang Gaoyang pointed out that the current Hong Liguang SMD 2835 application surface can be described as vast, has been widely used in panel lights, downlights, bulbs, mining lamps, lamps and other fields.

“All in all, from the packaging to the application, from design to energy-saving transformation, from pre-sales to after-sales, to reduce customer's manufacturing costs, commercial operating costs, maintenance costs, provide system professional lighting solutions as the main purpose, to achieve multi-party Cooperation and win-win." Wang Gaoyang mentioned.

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Battery Smart Pulse Restore System
As we know, the improperly use or maintenance of batteries is the most important reasons of the lead-acid battery sulfation and failure. Therefore, repair lead-acid battery is a systems engineering, which requires the use of specialized equipment for regular restore battery, also need professional maintenance to remove sulfation circularly and regularly based on the size and condition of the individual battery
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Battery Smart Pulse Restore System

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