Billion H3 box purchase considerations

Faced with all kinds of sample cards in the market, it is quite a headache to buy that TV box. Have not contacted the TV box friends, simply can not tell which TV box which is easy to use, which is suitable, which cost is better, but also worried about the poor quality of the box to buy the box the following must pay attention to several point:

1. Can not buy single-core, dual-core set-top boxes, these configurations are very old

2. Can not be too greedy and cheap, buy a very low price product, but also quite inferior

3. Pay attention to the refurbished machine, the general kind of specialized hardware manufacturers like to return the quality of the machine repair, change another shell and then sell

4. False configuration. At present, there are only four cores for mature technology. Eight cores are also semi-mature. Declaring more cores is deceptive.

5. Network capabilities, choose a box to try to find a large storage space, good caching capabilities. Otherwise, you will often get stuck while watching TV live on demand.

6. Operating system, now common systems are Android and Ali cloud systems, but it is recommended to choose Android system. Because Android is more common, software support is better.

As long as you purchase according to the above points, you will not need to buy a bad machine. If you are greedy for a small amount of money, you will lose a lot of money. The bad quality of the set-top box will be very bad, and it will be very bad in experience and it will be broken. You have to buy it again.

Here I recommend to you is a brand I used H3 broadcast. This year's mainstream configuration has four cores and eight displays. System optimization is very smooth. In particular, the live broadcast is very powerful, smooth and non-card, and there are many local stations. The demand for broadband is not high.

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