Before you open the mining lamp market, you must know the knowledge of cooling!

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of LEDs is low, and most of the electrical energy is mainly converted into thermal energy. With the wide application of LED high bay lights, people have put forward higher requirements for their power. If the heat can not be effectively conducted, it will seriously affect the service life of the LED high bay light.

The thermal performance of LED high bay light has become the focus of customers!

Now, please follow the pace of Xiaobian to understand, when the overclocking three helmsman Du attended the Infineon "Intelligent LED Driver Power Development Trend and New Product Launch Conference", what was said about "The Development Trend of Industrial Lights Cooling".

Part 1

Du has vividly analyzed the importance of heat dissipation and cooling solutions for LED industrial and mining lamps. Not much to say, look at the content directly! ! (Exciting too much, Xiaobian selected part)

HTLL offers a wide range of high quality Fiber Adaptors for both Singlemode and Multimode applications, which have high precision alignment sleeve for reliability and improved connectivity. We use both Phosphor Bronze for MM and Zirconia Ceramic for SM Adaptors.

Push-Pull Connection mode for convenient operation, Rectangular Structure, Engineering Plastic Shell, Coupling mechanism with bayonet locking.
* High performance interconnections offer very low insertion loss.
* Ceramic (Zirconia) or low-cost Phosphor Bronze alignment sleeves.
* Standard and hybrid adapter.
* Environmental stable.

Fiber Adaptor

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