Austria introduces 16-channel constant current LED driver

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Austriamicrosystems recently introduced the AS1110 16-channel constant current LED driver. The driver features advanced LED open and short circuit error diagnostics. Based on the success of the AS1109, the AS1110 doubled the number of output channels. The AS1110 uses a serial interface for error message feedback, eliminating the need for an additional PCB trace to diagnose the status of external LEDs. Walter Moshammer, Marketing Director, Standard Linears, Austrian Microelectronics, said: "As LED display resolutions increase, the market needs more accurate, smaller packaged LED drivers. In addition, in addition to safety-related traffic lights, even in information LED error detection has become an important factor in commercial applications such as display or video walls that require optimized maintenance costs. Therefore, the AS1110, which offers superior performance, best-in-class accuracy and LED error detection in a small package, can be satisfied. The above market demand."

The AS1110 has 16 regulated current ports, each of which can accommodate a wide range of LED forward voltage drop variations and provide constant current to the LEDs. The AS1110 output port can withstand voltages up to 15V. The current can be adjusted from 0.5 to 100 mA through an external resistor, providing great flexibility for LED brightness control. Since the error between channels is only ±3%, and the difference in brightness between the LED and the LED module has completely disappeared, the AS1110 further improves the picture quality of the LED display.

Like the AS1109, the AS1110 can be used in multiplexed mode, where an AS1110 device can drive up to 64 individual LED nodes. And in the multiplex mode, the AS1110 can still implement error detection 100%.

Another feature of the AS1110 is the built-in LED error detection feature. This feature is simple and intuitive to use, even when the drive is working properly, without having to switch to a separate detection mode. This makes the software interface easier to use and the detection is very fast. The AS1110 can detect any open, short, and overheated conditions. In the event of the above error, the device can output global error flags through the serial port to detect these errors in a timely, rapid and accurate manner. In addition, the exact location of the LED damage can be read from the detailed error report.

To prevent LED display flicker during error detection, austriamicrosystems has also introduced a unique low current diagnostic mode. In this mode, the display will use a test current of only 0.6mA in a short time. Therefore, the LED test is not obvious and can be used under normal operation of the drive.

The fast 30MHz serial interface ensures high refresh rates, even for large LED display modules. Suitable for use in temperatures from -40 ° C to +85 ° C, the AS1110 is ideal for industrial and outdoor applications. The device is available in a 24-lead SSOP-150 and a small 28-pin QFN (5 x 5mm) package with very small pixel spacing, making it ideal for indoor LED displays.

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