Analysis of automatic transformation of machine tool robot

At present, the automation of machine tools is generally changed by industrial robots to change the loading and unloading mode of workpieces during machining. By replacing robots and special machines with robots , the workpiece loading and unloading, work reversal, process conversion, mechanical parts processing units and production lines can be realized. 24 hours of high volume, automated processing.

Because the renovation project is carried out under the existing conditions of the factory floor, compared with the new project, it will be subject to many objective conditions. Therefore, the project system design needs to pay attention to the following points:

1, personalized. In line with the actual situation of the factory, it can fully meet the needs of automated production and solve key problems.

2. Economical. Focusing on the cost performance of the project, under the premise of meeting the requirements of automated production, because it is simple, not seeking luxury, try to spend less, and save the cost of renovation.

3. Maximize. With the same cost of retrofitting, you can do your best to increase the level of automation and automation, and use less or no labor to increase production.

The transformation project under the existing conditions must flexibly solve the following key issues:

1. Industrial robots are selected. According to the effective height of the workshop, the production cycle is gantry (truss type) or joint type robot.

2. Layout of robots and machine tools: Machine tools and robots on the automation of processing units and production lines, according to the floor area of ​​the workshop, under the premise of facilitating the improvement of production tempo, respectively adopt L-shaped, ring-shaped, "product" words, "one "Word layout.

3. Production and renovation. The installation and commissioning of the loading and unloading robot is separated from the machine tool, so that the production and transformation are correct.

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