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Now "HD" and "IP" have become the hottest two hot spots in the security surveillance field. With the rapid explosion of IP HD products, all manufacturers are investing at no cost, and the high-definition quality brought by HD is super wide. The scene gives a great visual shock. IP HD cameras have become the most eye-catching product in the field of surveillance. Driven by the promotion of monitoring network tide and market demand, IP HD cameras have achieved major breakthroughs and entered the practical application of major security projects. Video surveillance has entered the era of IP high-definition, and HD has become the theme of the new era of security surveillance.

Technical application features of I P HD camera products

IP high-definition cameras have ingeniously surpassed the traditional analog cameras. Nowadays, high-definition surveillance cameras on the market have formed a diversified product pattern based on megapixels with 2 million pixels and 3 million pixels. An IP HD network camera is mainly composed of video capture, video encoding, and network transmission. An IP HD camera can be seen as a combination of a HD camera and a computer. It performs progressive scans through CMOS/CCD photoreceptors, enabling optical signals to be captured directly and processed on a single SoC chip for direct transmission over an IP network, enabling users to access local or remote locations over a standard IP-based network infrastructure. Enables viewing, storage, and management of high-definition video data.

The most important technical application features of IP high-definition network cameras are high-definition images brought by high-pixel images, and multi-region networking and remote control can be easily realized through network transmission, which is very important for security monitoring:

1) Larger coverage As mentioned above, one of the advantages of IP HD cameras is that they have a wider coverage and the same surveillance area can replace multiple fixed-point cameras or omnidirectional cameras. For intensive locations, such as airport security gateways, stations, subways, shopping malls, entrances and exits, parking lots, factories, bank tellers, etc., it is generally necessary to design multiple dense low-resolution cameras to protect the dead ends, and now, deploy IP HD The camera is a good choice.

2) Image quality is better. The so-called "details determine success or failure", IP HD camera uses advanced photoreceptors to make the image details clearer, especially for moving objects, progressive scanning can give us better image quality, effective It solves the comb-like blur caused by interlaced scanning. Reliable image quality + detail = reliable and fast investigation and analysis, so that the video storage of a large number of hard drive data is valuable image data, which is of great significance for license plate, face recognition and other applications. On the contrary, if the image quality is poor and the lack of detailed information will undoubtedly bring great difficulties to the investigation and analysis work in the future.

3) Multi-regional networking is more convenient With the popularization of IP high-definition network cameras, the high-end embedded NVR products of the back-end products are becoming more and more abundant, which plays a very important role in the popularization of network cameras, especially IP high-definition cameras. The important role is to record and store the network video stream, and provide real-time display and proxy forwarding. Generally, the embedded architecture is used, and the hard decoding supports multi-channel network standard definition or high-definition camera access. Take the embedded NVR of Tiandi Weiye as an example, it can support the access of 16 road signs or 8-channel high-definition network cameras; embedded hard decoding, real-time preview and video recording; built-in hard disk storage can be stored; built-in proxy forwarding module can The accessed video stream is forwarded;

In addition, it also has two output interfaces, VGA and BNC, which can decode the upper wall display. In addition, it can also be used as a node device to perform node monitoring and distributed storage in the system. The IP high-definition network camera can greatly improve the interconnection and interoperability through the IP network, realize the interconnection and intercommunication of multiple platforms, integrate the entire social resources, and link the various command centers and information centers to realize information exchange and resource sharing. The technology is compatible, which is conducive to the sharing of social resources. The processing of various events can respond effectively and quickly. The "plug and play" usage mode provides flexible extension functions.

IP HD camera product solutions

HD is not only the HD capture of video, but the installation of IP HD camera, but through the video capture, encoding, transmission, storage, control, decoding output, to the entire process of the central management software nodes, in this sense, HD Monitoring is not achieved by a certain product or a few products. It must be a long-term battle and requires a total solution. In order to meet the urgent needs of high-definition surveillance, a small number of digital monitoring vendors in China, such as Tiandi Weiye, have launched a complete HD monitoring solution based on deep professional R&D, covering the IP HD product system from front to back:

1) The front-end capture HD video effect is guaranteed to be collected from HD information first. If there is no front-end HD video capture, it is impossible to talk about the HD effect of the back end. From the current situation, whether it is 1.3 million pixels or 2 million pixels, CCD is the majority, and basically applied in the middle and high-end market; while the price of CMOS is basically applied to the low-end market; but with the manufacture of CMOS The continuous breakthrough in process and image processing technology, the industry's prospects for CMOS are also increasingly optimistic.

2) Encoding and transmission In addition to front-end acquisition, HD encoding and transmission is also an indispensable part of the monitoring system. The common encoding formats for HD video are H.264, M-JPEG, MPEG4 and other formats. Among these encoding formats, H.264 is currently the most promising encoding format. Compared with MPEG2 and MPEG4, its compression efficiency is the highest among the three encodings. Tiandi Weiye's IP HD camera passes its own autonomy. The R.264 compression algorithm developed by the R&D optimization can realize 720P HD video transmission at 2 Mbps. In the transmission process, HD means higher bandwidth. In 1080P, the bandwidth of a 1080P HD picture encoded by H.264 is about 8M, which is equivalent to MPEG2 of D1 quality. It can be seen that for "HD", there is no special requirement for network transmission. At present, the Internet has certain bottlenecks for high-definition transmission of large-numbered channels. In some safe cities or multi-level networked projects, most of them use private networks or optical fibers. Compared to analog transmission, IP network transmission HD video has a unique advantage.

3) HD storage IP HD storage common types generally use two methods: distributed storage and centralized storage; usually use NVR for distributed storage, while centralized storage for large systems is implemented using IPSAN. With the popularity of IP high-definition, IPSAN plays an increasingly important role in storage. IPSAN has good scalability, sharing and low application cost through Ethernet transmission using IP architecture. One of the main technologies used in HD surveillance storage, and most of the storage media storage is our common hard disk, the capacity is generally TB level, with 2TB hard disk and even higher capacity products into our sight, large-scale high-definition monitoring system PB-level massive Storage solutions are also commonly used. One of the problems faced by HD storage at present is that in the high-definition projects with multi-level networking, if the cost of storage is reduced, on the one hand, the compression algorithm needs to be improved, and on the other hand, the cost of the hard disk and the IPSAN needs to be reduced. In terms of algorithms, there are already manufacturers: such as Tiandi Weiye, which can realize 2M code stream transmission of 720P high-definition images, so that the storage space of one-way HD one hour is about 1.8G.

4) High-definition display HD decoding display is usually completed by HD decoder or HD network matrix. It can realize screen switching, HD wall, polling switching, etc. through HD decoder or HD network matrix with network keyboard. In terms of high-definition output interface, the current mainstream VGA and HDMI interfaces, VGA is the most common, and the application range is also the widest, the cost is also the cheapest; HDMI interface represents the trend of high-definition display interface, its main feature is color High degree of reduction and no loss of image quality.

5) Platform control Currently, the most common problems encountered in the platform, especially the large-scale high-definition monitoring platform, for example: the huge number of video devices; the front-end device brand is very difficult to achieve unified management; the network environment is diverse during the implementation process; In the case of networking, it is often involved in multi-level networking problems, difficulties in docking, and so on. In response to this situation, Tiandi Weiye's high-definition platform deployment adopts the “divide and conquer” strategy to turn the high-definition monitoring system into zero, and break down the large-system construction problem into small system construction according to management grading, business stratification, and equipment classification. The problem is to use the logical virtual strips to build a basic unit to solve the unified management of a large number of devices in the system, to achieve flexible system expansion, and to facilitate step-by-step implementation of system construction.

Innovation and application of IP HD camera products

With the continuous expansion of IP HD camera application fields and market demands, users will continue to improve their picture quality and functions. IP HD cameras will gradually evolve from a simple security monitoring to more functions, multiple operations, and more. A device that manages and integrates various needs, in particular, IP HD cameras will have innovations and applications in the following aspects:

1) IP high-definition camera and IoT combination With the successful application of the Internet of Things's radio frequency technology (RFID), it can achieve seamless integration with high-definition video in the future, which brings good practical applications. The data transmitted from the radio frequency can be received through the COM interface of the IP high-definition camera to achieve a combination of image and radio frequency. For example, this technology can replace fixed punching and illegal personnel identification, which helps to improve many of the more cumbersome tasks in practice, reflecting the value of high intelligence and high technology.

2) IP high-definition camera and alarm device linkage Take Tiandi Weiye's IP high-definition network camera as an example, its camera has an alarm (ALARMI/O) interface, this alarm signal access can handle the switch level, when IP HD camera After receiving this data, it can be encoded and then sent to the TCP/IP network, and the alarm signal can be set up with various linkage responses through the application software, such as sound, light alarm and alarm recording.

3) IP HD camera combined with mobile devices With the popularity of 3G technology, and each IP HD camera has its own independent IP address, it can directly connect to mobile devices through 3G network, real-time transmission of high-definition images, wireless HD video transmission. We can also configure the built-in email, FTP and other clients in the IP HD camera. When it can access the Internet, the IP HD camera device can also send pictures or videos captured by the alarm to the alarm by email, FTP, etc. Mobile devices. It can also be connected to the connected SIM card through the COM port and sent to the designated mobile terminal by SMS or MMS. In this way, real-time and intelligent monitoring is achieved with only a small amount of bandwidth and cost.

4) Intelligent aspects cut into IP HD cameras because the IP HD camera front end is equipped with an operating system, all of which can be accompanied by many intelligent algorithms on the front end. The intelligent algorithm can directly process the original image information output from the chip, and based on the original image, make some suitable applications suitable for the feature occasion. For example, you can embed the entrance and exit number statistics function. This function automatically analyzes the number of people or objects that pass through important entrances or exits or designated areas by analyzing the images monitored by the camera. And in the low-carbon era, the combination of intelligent algorithms and energy-saving and environmental protection has opened up another huge market. In party and government organs, schools, enterprises and large-scale home environments, intelligent video analysis technology can also be used to eliminate huge power waste and security risks, such as automatically turning off unnecessary lights or turning on lights for people working in office or adjusting the intensity of lights as needed. Wait.


Driven by the promotion of the monitoring network and the market demand, IP HD has achieved a real breakthrough. The characteristics of networking, openness, and remote access unique to IP high-definition cameras are bound to be widely applied in various practical projects, which indicates that security monitoring has entered the network era and the high-definition era. With the continuous emergence of high-definition technology and products, the practical application of high-definition surveillance system will accelerate the seamless integration of video surveillance systems and other security subsystems, and further promote the seamless connection between security systems and industry business management systems. Bring a broader space for development. You can meet the future security monitoring is definitely the IP network to do the leading, IP HD to be a pioneer!

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