3D precision forging 2999 SpeedX two new cars debut

IT168 Information With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more users have begun to choose green travel, energy saving and emission reduction can also play a role in fitness. As the smart sports brand beast riding SpeedX opened in Jingdong, a new aluminum alloy entry-level product, Leopard AL road model and Mustang AL mountain model crowdfunding. Today, we are also the first to experience the Leopard AL road model and the Mustang AL mountain model.

Leopard AL road bike

Both the Leopard AL Road and Mustang AL Mountain Vehicles are made of aerospace aluminum. The accessories are from international manufacturers. With SpeedX's riding system, an intelligent riding experience is created, with Leopard AL contributing 4799. Yuan, Mustang AL raised 2799 yuan, Leopard AL sold at 4,999 yuan, and Mustang AL sold at 2,999 yuan. At the same time, SpeedX will simultaneously launch overseas markets to sell the latest products for European and American markets, and export the new smart riding culture to more countries around the world.

Mustang AL Mountain Bike

The new mountain bikes Mustang AL and Leopard AL, which were released this time in beast riding, are mainly young and colorful. They also complement the relatively single-color product line in the previous generation. In addition, the two models that are experienced today are two entry-level models of the SpeedX family, and the aluminum forged body is more closely related to the people with bright colors.

Mustang AL details

Mustang AL details

Mustang AL details

Thanks to its quest for cycling, the Leopard AL and Mustang AL are made from aerospace aluminum +3D precision forging, and the body is integrated, resulting in a 30% increase in frame rigidity. In addition, Leopard AL achieves complete concealed cabling of the vehicle. Not only does it improve wire life effectively, it also reduces friction and reduces wind resistance, which is more elegant and concise than traditional bicycles. Forging body not only looks more beautiful, but also the body frame is more resistant to dryness.

As an intelligent sports riding company, the smart module is the key to distinguish SpeedX from other manufacturers. The SpeedForce intelligent control is used in tandem with the beast riding app on the mobile phone to help you solve everything except cycling. Not only can record the user's own riding data and give professional analysis, but also can effectively help a single user to complete his riding position upgrades, and easily transform from white to professional. In the course of experience, we can monitor the riding status at any time through central control. This is much more convenient than the traditional watch and mobile phone display.

At present, SpeedX's new entry-level products have opened Jingdong crowdfunding, which Leopard AL crowdfunding price 4799 yuan, Mustang AL crowdfunding price 2799 yuan, September 21 participation in crowdfunding, the first batch of car users will be the first free gift ( Including, debugging brakes, proper replacement of brake oil, tires, etc.) In addition, according to the official information of wild beasts, in the future, it will also be held from time to time.

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